“Scammer Ken” – Attractive predators surpass the law

“Scammer Ken” – Attractive predators surpass the law
Residents of Portugal

Approximately 20 years after fleeing Britain and committing numerous crimes in various countries, including Portugal, Kenner Elias Jones, a serial scammer also known as “Scammer Ken” or “Charming Predator,” Living in comfortable care is being tracked. A house in Munich, Germany.

There are two particularly shocking things about this sociopath. First, his crimes were numerous and incredibly bold. Second, and in complete contrast, British and European police and judicial authorities do not want to arrest him since he was released on bail from the Lewis Crown Court in East Sussex and abstained in 2003. ,I could not do it. So far it has no effect.

The name “Charming Predator” is the title of a biography by his first wife, Canadian artist and former journalist Lee McKenzie. Like many others, she is waiting for the consequences of Jones’ discovery in Munich, this time hoping police and judicial authorities will act decisively.

Kenner Elias Jones is believed to occupy a room in a German care facility with the false name reported to Mackenzie as “Doctor”. Adam Palfree’. He is also said to be in poor health. Jones has often made a combination of his alleged name changes and medical conditions before anywhere else.

A recent visitor to his bedside said he showed that he couldn’t speak or communicate by typing on his laptop, even though it was open in front of him. .. The same visitor said he reported that care center staff sometimes heard him talking before entering the room. The details of Lee McKenzie’s book are left for him to read.

Kenner Elias Jones is a very intelligent, friendly and likable man originally from North Wales who has been a successful doctor, Anglican priest and refugee in many ways. is.

Attractive predator

He has already committed numerous crimes and has been sentenced to prison many times in Britain before seizing the opportunity to escape. Since then, he has been deported and permanently expelled from Canada and the United States. He was sentenced to a federal prison in the United States for fraud. A senior US immigration officer described him as “the best conman I’ve ever met in my career.”

His arrest warrant was issued in Kenya, but it was too late. He fled for an estimated $ 100,000 on behalf of the charity he founded. This charity personally treated children of all ages and genders, despite their lack of medical qualifications.

Portugal was his next destination. BBC Wales, who first called him “Konmanken,” interviewed a Palmela travel agency near Lisbon. No payment was made after the appointment.

A Portuguese realtor said Jones was interested in buying real estate in the € 400,000 to € 500,000 range, but persuaded him to lend hundreds of euros to medicines and other potentially urgent needs. rice field. Polícia Judiciária under investigation was informed, but as far as it was obtained. There have been no arrests, but there are still many casualties.

The next destination was southwestern Spain. One day after a complete meal, Jones went to the bathroom and collapsed on suspicion of a heart attack. An ambulance took him to a district hospital, where examinations during his six-week stay did not find any problems with him. Understanding that he was waiting for health insurance money, he created an invoice for € 26,000. He disappeared as the pressure to pay increased. It is understood that the bill was not resolved. After that, he had another unpaid stay, this time at a seaside resort in Spain, which also seems to have been less interested in the Spanish police.

Jones was then discovered in Sweden, where he claimed to be a refugee who had fled the possibility of assassination in Africa because he had exposed corruption. British police were re-informed of his exact location, just as he was in Spain. Swedish police knew about the British Arrest Warrant, but because the British police had not issued a European Arrest Warrant, Kenner Elias Jones was free to take the evil path even if the British passport had expired. I was on the way.

The exact location of Jones in Germany is now well known, but whether British and German police and judicial authorities are willing to work together to ultimately detain the man and provide mental health treatment. I’m not sure. It is a long time ago that he keeps him away from innocent victims who are doing financial and emotional damage.

To Renport

Renport is a journalist and writer based in Algarve. Follow Len’s thoughts on the current situation in Portugal on his blog.

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