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Scammers steal thousands of rials through messages disguised as “Qatar posts”-Doha News

Qatar has set up a cybersecurity department to protect local customers amid rising cybercrime.

Qatar citizens and residents are reportedly facing electronic fraud with fake “Qatar Post” emails requesting personal information, leading to bank account infringement.

Recently, a Qatari woman had a large amount of money stolen from her bank account after clicking an email link with the Qatar post logo.

Noura Al-Marri was fooled by a logo that made her think it was an official email, and then began sharing her personal information. She told Al Sharq that she requested a shipping fee for shipping “goods purchased online” shortly after receiving a call from a popular shipping company number.

Like many, Almary’s online shopping activity has increased in recent months, so she was already waiting for shipment when she received the email. She says she had no doubt because she had received a similar message before asking for payment without any problems.

“The content of the message I received from the scammer with the shipping company number was a fake request named” Qatar Post “to pay about 14 rials to receive the cargo ordered from abroad and waiting. When I opened the link, I saw a page with the Qatar Post logo and details of the payment process, so I didn’t think it was a fake page, “she said.

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Screenshots of emails sent by criminals targeting unsuspecting victims

“This is the first time I’ve been exposed to computer fraud. I’m really surprised that the message with the fraud link has the” QatarPost “logo and I received an SMS from the international shipping company’s phone number. .. Always deal with it. This prompted me to open the link, “she added, adding that she doesn’t know if it was her phone or company number that was hacked.

After opening the link and completing the process, Al-Marri learned that the credit card in his bank account was being used. “At first the scammers tried to withdraw more than $ 1,000, but fortunately the amount on the bank card was so I received a refusal message from the bank. Then he tried a small withdrawal and 500 I was able to steal the dollar.

“I immediately contacted the bank, stopped my credit card, then filled out a complaint form and explained everything that happened to the bank.

Following her experience, Al-Marri states that she will only use prepaid credit cards for online purchases to prevent becoming a victim.

Many people, not just Al-Marri, are prey to fraud. In particular, it has been a prey to fraud through fake links called phishing operations that claim that senders are affiliated with well-known commercial institutions such as the government and Qatar Post.

It seems that more and more people in Qatar are being targeted by the same strategy.

Talk to Doha NewsResidents said they received emails from accounts named “Qatar’s Ministry of Transport” and “Qatar_Post (QR)”.

Screenshots of an email sent by a scammer claiming to be from the Qatar post

In addition, she said Doha News She received a call from Emirati’s number asking for QID details, but refused to share the information because she suspected it was a phone fraud.

“I received an email from the Qatar Post asking me to pay 20 rials of cargo, but I didn’t order anything, so I called Aramex and the Qatar Post and was told there was no cargo.”

Qatar’s cybersecurity office and Qatar Post have not yet responded to Doha News’ request for comment on this story.

https://www.dohanews.co/scammers-steal-thousands-of-riyals-through-messages-pretending-to-be-qatar-post/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=scammers-steal-thousands-of-riyals-through-messages-pretending-to-be-qatar-post Scammers steal thousands of rials through messages disguised as “Qatar posts”-Doha News

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