Schoenhauser Allie becomes safer for cyclists –

Schönhauser Ally in Prenzlauer Berg will be safer for cyclists from the beginning of next year.

Protected bike lanes and wider sidewalks will be built at the end of the year on busy Berlin Street, as announced by the Senate Urban Mobility Authority on Monday (April 25, 2022). At about 720 meters, the new route for the bike should run on both sides of the right lane. According to the information, so far this space was mainly used as a parking lot. The car and bicycle lanes are separated from each other by a concrete curb.

Expanding the cycle path as a Senate goal

“Therefore, future layouts will have more space for cycling, walking and sitting together. This will improve the quality of stay for everyone and greatly improve the safety of many people cycling here. That means, “said Senator Betina Jarush (Greens). The Berlin Senate has set the goal of expanding bicycle lanes as part of a desirable traffic shift.

Author: dpa /

Issued: April 25, 2022

Last updated: April 25, 2022 Schoenhauser Allie becomes safer for cyclists –

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