School extends compulsory testing after vacation –

At the end of Monday’s Easter holiday, the Berlin school is temporarily extending the compulsory exam.

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From day one of school, students and employees should test themselves daily for a week instead of three times a week, according to an education administration spokesman. Before the April 11 vacation began, students were taking a corona test to test themselves at home before class on Monday. This change is considered a precautionary measure in case of an increase in corona infection during vacation.

Exemption from compulsory exams for high school graduates

The purpose is to prevent or limit infections in schools in this way. There are exceptions to Berlin’s more than 15,000 high school graduates, according to a spokeswoman. They are mostly graduated from school and usually sit in large rooms, so compulsory exams do not apply. In addition, the minimum distance between the tables must be adhered to.

Written baccalauréat exam is approaching

For many graduates, the final exam will start on Monday in the next round. Since then, several foreign language written exams have been conducted on schedule, the spokesman said. Oral exams have already started in early April and some have not been completed yet.

Special rules for baccalauréat

As with last year, according to the information provided, there are special restrictions on Abitur for pandemics. For example, students can spend more than 30 minutes on a written task or add the right to repeat if they do not pass Abitur.

Low positive rate of corona test before Easter holiday

Prior to Easter holidays, the positive rate of corona tests at schools in Berlin has recently dropped. According to the educational administration, the percentage of positive tests in the first week of April (students from April 4th to 8th) was 0.22% for students and 0.51% for employees including teachers. Since April 1st, most corona protection measures, such as wearing masks in many places, are no longer applicable in Berlin.

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Issued: April 24, 2022

Last updated: April 24, 2022

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