Scientists come up with AI that thinks like a human baby …



Little babies instinctively know that an object that temporarily passes behind another object should not reappear elsewhere. Artificial intelligence systems have never had such a great intuition … until now.

AI Institute DeepMind scientists Created An AI system that has a thought pattern similar to that of a young human baby.

This system is called PLATO and stands for physics learning by automatic encoding and tracking of objects. It is programmed with the help of a series of coded videos that show the basic knowledge that babies display in the first few months of life.

“Fortunately for us, developmental psychologists have spent decades studying what infants know about the physical world and cataloging the various components and concepts that go into physical understanding. “, Says laboratory neuroscientist Luis Pilot. Science alert..

Scientists have focused on three key concepts that we learned at the beginning of life. Persistence (meaning that objects never disappear suddenly), robustness (solid objects cannot pass through each other), and continuity (objects are placed in space and time). The team has integrated two additional concepts into the dataset of the AI ​​system. Immutability and directional inertia.

After being trained on the dataset, PLATO behaves “surprisingly” when presented with a scenario that does not follow the laws of physics that the system has just learned.

“Our object-based model showed robust VoE [violation-of-expectations] Despite being trained with video data where no particular probe event occurred, the study read, “Effects across all five concepts we studied.”

PLATO needs additional training to be able to make a complete comparison with a 3-year-old baby, but scientists say that the model “is heavily dependent on object-level representations, consistent with developmental psychology results.” You can learn various physical concepts. “

Scientists believe that new discoveries can not only point to another small step in AI development, but also provide additional insights into human cognition and how it functions and evolves. Scientists come up with AI that thinks like a human baby …

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