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Scottish Eyes Offshore Wind Lease for Sale

Crown Estate Scotland proposed its innovation and target oil and gas (INTOG) offshore wind leasing process on Tuesday for the construction of wind farms used to power offshore oil and gas facilities. Details have been announced.

“Developers have small, innovative offshore wind projects under 100 MW and large-scale projects related to oil and gas infrastructure to power and reduce carbon emissions associated with these sites. I apply for the right to build, “says Crown Estate Scotland.

Awards are largely based on open auctions and are divided into two pots. One for small innovation projects and the other for large projects related to oil and gas infrastructure.

Bids are judged by a combination of price and quality, and the bid window is currently scheduled to open in June 2022. The available submarine territory is set out in the Scottish Government’s Initial Planning Framework, and talks ended in October. In 2021, Crown Estate Scotland said.

Applicants must also submit a supply chain development statement outlining the nature and location of the supply chain activities associated with the proposed project.

Colin PalmerDirector of Marine at Crown Estate Scotland, said:

“This lease aims to create opportunities to enhance offshore wind technology in Scottish waters, recognizing that industry and government will take important steps necessary for the oil and gas transition. But I believe this provides a step towards moving to Net Zero. ”

Michael Matheson MSP, Netzero and Secretary of Energy said: “The release of this initial planning framework is an important milestone for the Scottish energy industry to move to net zero. It promotes decarbonization of the oil and gas sector and is a sector within the North Sea Transition Agreement. We support the achievement of our decarbonization goals.

“The INTOG process also opens the door to small, innovative offshore renewable energy projects to demonstrate technologies such as green hydrogen in Scottish waters, and clean energy from offshore wind decarbonizes the North Sea. Offers the possibility to support ScotWind offshore wind lease potential already identified through offshore wind leasing rounds.

“As the recent ScotWind announcement shows, Scotland is at the forefront of offshore wind development worldwide. Similar to ScotWind’s lease round, as we enter the application phase, each applicant will receive a supply chain development statement (SCDS). ) Must be submitted. This includes commitments to set the level and location of expected spending at various stages of the project. Be involved from the beginning to achieve supply chain commitments. I’m looking forward to it. These can be updated throughout the development phase, but the developers are ultimately committed.

“The Scottish Government’s sectoral marine planning process ensures that future development will address the impact on the environment and other marine users, and in developing these plans with the community, environmental interests and the marine industry. I’m involved. “

This process is ScotWind Lease round of a commercial offshore wind project in Scottish waters.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/494529-scotland-eyes-offshore-wind-lease-sale-aimed-at-decarbonizing-offshore-oil-and-gas-platforms Scottish Eyes Offshore Wind Lease for Sale

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