Screen time is changing your eyes.Here’s how to improve your eye health:

Studies by ophthalmologists show that constant screen times change the shape of the eye dramatically and permanently. When our eyes focus on nearby objects such as telephones for extended periods of time, our eyes stretch and myopia or myopia increases.

Important reason: “Myopia affects half of the young adults in the United States, almost double what it was 50 years ago. Over 40% of the populationParents Report.

What they are saying: Neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University Dr. Andrew Huberman Explained eye growth Skinny confidential The podcast says, “The eyes don’t have a fixed structure, they actually change shape. When you or especially your kids see something close for hours a day, the eyes actually grow forever.”

  • Huberman further explained what happens to people with myopia. “You have this lens and the light is in focus, but it doesn’t land on the part of the eye that needs to land. Instead, it lands forward, which is called myopia. The reason is.”
  • Studies published in the journal Lancet Digital Health We have found that screen time on smart devices is significantly associated with myopia, either alone or in combination with computer use.

solution: Research in the journal Acta OphthalmologicaShows that you can spend two hours a day outdoors, including thousands of clinical trials offset Or you can even reverse this myopia or myopia.

  • According to Huberman, outdoor exposure and the act of looking at distant objects are critical to eye health due to UVB light and reduced eye strain.
  • Optometrist Donald Mutti Recognizing the relationship between sunlight and eye health, “Data show that children who are prone to myopia are one-third more likely to need eyeglasses if they spend more than 14 hours a week outdoors. I will. ” Science daily..

Big picture: The negative effects of myopia are harmful to many, but there are steps to protect your eyesight. Looking at the distant horizon throughout the day with daily natural light and a break from the screen has great benefits for eyesight and overall eye health.

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https://www./2022/5/18/23124439/screen-time-bad-for-eyes-damage-shape-how-to-improve-eye-health Screen time is changing your eyes.Here’s how to improve your eye health:

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