Sea kayaking in Limassol, Sea Cave on July 24th

The beautiful formation of white limestone with clear water and sea creatures is the perfect environment for a sea kayaking experience. The total tour time is about 2.5 hours, but please wait about 3 hours in case you decide to enjoy the scenery a little more.

Experiences offered with sea kayaking Cyprus standards and quality

Date and time

Several dates are available. Please refer to the link below for the date and time of the update.

35 EUR per person

Meeting point

Governor’s beach

Two people, it may be an image of water area and nature

Important notes

(I) We do not recommend that you prepare or participate if you have seasickness, as breeze and waves may be expected.
(II) Please note that this excursion will not be performed at the beginning of the excursion or during breaks if there are facilities such as changing rooms and toilets. The property is located in a local restaurant, but is not open to the public.
(III) Please note that regular tours are not intended after strenuous exercise. You will be asked to adjust the speed to match the pace of other clients and the pace of the guide.
(IV) This activity is suitable for first-time kayaking and complete beginners

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Other things to note:

This activity is offered as an experience. Participants should expect moderate exercise, but also adapt to group strength and stamina.
Most kayaks are double, so if you’re single, you might sit down and interact with others.

For more information?

please look at Website For more information


Sit-on-top double sea kayak with ocean kayak and related equipment (paddle and PFD / life jacket), sea kayak handling briefing, experience guide, photos, coffee, fruit

Would you like to kayak? Sea kayaking in Limassol, Sea Cave on July 24th

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