Searches for ‘how to break an arm’ surge after Russia calls in reservists, others flee country – Mothership.SG

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Outbound flights sold out after Russia announced on September 21 that it would mobilize up to 300,000 reservists for a “special operation” in Ukraine.

search in the night

Russian President Vladimir Putin early in the morning publication Russia will muster a reserve force of 300,000 men, made up of men with previous military experience, in what is called a “partial mobilization.”

according to Reutersthe mobilized forces will be sent to step up Russian military operations in Ukraine and will be called up over the course of several months.

Although this did not lead to full mobilization, BBC Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said 25 million people would be at Russia’s disposal, citing what appeared to be a surge in outbound flight bookings.

Shoigu suggests that conscripts and college students are not scheduled to be called up at this time, but observers point out that the mobilization order is vague enough that no one can be sure they will not be called up. .

One way ticket to go anywhere

Shortly after Putin’s speech, search terms for “how to break your arm at home” are reported to have spiked suddenly and dramatically. Washington Post (WaPo).

The search term “how to leave Russia” similar increase.

Reuters reported that flights outside the country were sold out, especially to Turkey and Armenia, where Russian tourists can enter without a visa.

Available flights from Russia are already severely restricted due to the ongoing sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries for their invasion of Ukraine.

Reuters reported that the price of a one-way ticket to Turkey more than tripled from 22,000 rubles (S$515) the week before to around 70,000 rubles (S$1,640). Meanwhile, one-way economy class fares from Moscow to Istanbul or Dubai came up to €9,200 (S$12,900). Associated Press (AP).

On the black market, tickets for a three-hour flight from Moscow to Belgrade fetched as high as €9,000 (S$ 12,580), said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. APs.

However, despite early report Finnish officials dismissed rumors of nearly 35 km of queues at the Finnish-Russian border, saying traffic was normal.

live in a lonely world

However, some people were not satisfied with the deportation, and many took to the streets to protest.

An example of this is this video allegedly chanting “Send Putin to the trenches” on a Moscow street.

However, the protests soon turned violent and police moved to arrest the protesters. By the end of September 21st, Guardian reported that more than 1,300 people were arrested during the protests.

However, these protests are relatively small in scale.interview Wapo A relationship with a Russian man shows that while he is worried about voicing his dissent, he is also worried that he will inevitably be called up and sent to Ukraine to fight. I’m here.

Another aspect is that these protests appear to be more widespread than the main cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The protests appear to have spread to Siberia.

However, pro-Kremlin commentators al jazeera He said those arrested during the protest would be the first to be mobilized, saying, “I am waiting for my dear hamster. It is time to serve.”

Other reserve officers cited by al jazeerawas not particularly enthusiastic, but declined to be called and said that most would go if asked.

“I’m not scared. I’ll go when I get a notification.”

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Top image via @francis_scarr/Twitter & Sergei Guneyev TASS/Getty Images Searches for ‘how to break an arm’ surge after Russia calls in reservists, others flee country – Mothership.SG

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