Second Covid booster vaccine for people aged 50-64 this fall

People between the ages of 50 and 64 will receive a second Covid-19 booster vaccine this fall under new recommendations.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly announced on Saturday that he had accepted a recommendation from the National Immunology Advisory Board (Niac).

Healthy people under the age of 50, with the exception of pregnant women or healthcare professionals, currently do not plan to receive another injection, but the majority of the population will receive more vaccines in the coming months.

According to Niac’s recommendations, a second mRNA booster jab will be deployed to people aged 50-64 years, 12-49 years with underlying illness, or those living in long-term care facilities, healthcare professionals, and 16-week pregnant women.

Children aged 5 to 11 years with immunodeficiency will be provided with the first mRNA booster dose, and children aged 65 and over, and children aged 12 and over with immunodeficiency will be provided with a third booster.

Nyack has made a recommendation to Interim Chief Medical Officer Bredas Mice. Bredas Meiss approved them before they were accepted by Donnelly.

Donnelly also mentioned a further recommendation that the Covid-19 vaccine could be given at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine.

This is in preparation for the “very important flu season” this fall by health officials. Excitement Both influenza and Covid-19 infections are expected in the colder months.

Australia is currently experiencing a record number of cases, demonstrating a resurgence of influenza after a pandemic.

“We are planning a combination of the early flu season, the very important flu season, and the Covid surge,” Donnelly said earlier this week.

“Whether there are new concerns, people go back to work, come back from holidays, and people start going back indoors again. That’s what we have to plan for.” Second Covid booster vaccine for people aged 50-64 this fall

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