Secretary of State of Portugal in a fierce attack on Russia

Portugal’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Francisco Andre, launched a fierce attack on Russia today at the end of the opening session of the EU-ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) Follow-up Committee.

he Condemned the regime to weaponize hunger – devastating nations are still addressing the effects of Covid-19.

“Russia uses unacceptable inhumane tactics typical of the Middle Ages, using hunger as a weapon not only in Ukraine but also in many other countries of the world. I have to stop right away, “he told Lusa on Thursday. ..

Lusa actually put together an interview because the government itself has been accused.

“The impact of Russia’s aggression (on Ukraine) goes far beyond Europe’s universe,” said Andre. “The serious turmoil that conflict is causing in agricultural production and supply chains is in danger of a major crisis. It’s even more influencing people on the verge. ”Because of the pandemic.

Francisco Andre said diplomatic activity is now very important. Especially when a group of EU-ACP size, which attracts 1.5 billion people, is involved.

“We find a solution for Russia to end this conflict, immediately end its invasion of Ukraine, bring the responsible for these barbaric acts to justice, and prevent the countries most affected by the pandemic. We demand that we do our best to do so. The crisis is from having even more serious consequences, as the consequences are most severe in these countries, “he said.

Andre added, “The decision to prevent Russia from attacking agricultural food production facilities and structures is causing this food emergency problem that we are experiencing a bit around the world.”

Sophia Moreira de Souza, President of the European Commission in Lisbon, the organizer of today’s conference, told Lusa that the war in Ukraine challenges “principles of international law and universal principles”. Told. She agreed that the result would “go far beyond the European continent.”

The EU-ACP Follow-up Committee is responsible for organizing various activities with ACP’s economic and social interest groups and is led by the European Economic and Social Council (EESC).

It is also responsible for managing relations and activities at the pan-African level (with meetings of African-EU economic and social interest groups and the Economic, Social and Cultural Committees of the African Union. relationship).

Source: LUSA Secretary of State of Portugal in a fierce attack on Russia

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