Secretary of State Soltes: We are in an era when common sense should spread

We are in an era where common sense should win, Said State secretary for the relationship between the church and ethnic minorities talking about the war between Russia and Ukraine and the state of Christianity in Europe in Tachitofar on Thursday.

At the beginning of the Hungarian Reformed Christian Conference in Western Europe, Micross Soltes summarized the activities of the Hungarian government over the last 12 years. Regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine, he said the future looks like a “sad and unpredictable” period.

Soltes is also trying to make the Hungarian government understand to Western countries that it is important for Hungary not to supply weapons and soldiers for the Hungarian ethnic community in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine and for refugees from the country. I emphasized that. In the war.

If that happened, Transcarpathian would “become a war zone, not an island of peace,” he emphasized.

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He said that the more military alliances and other powers intervene in the war, the stronger the conflict, not the peace.

He said the Hungarian government would continue to be characterized by the same thing as in the last 12 years: from a national point of view and strengthening Christianity.

He recalled that in recent years, thousands of churches have been renovated and nearly 200 new churches have been built in the Pannonian Basin. In this regard, he said he was hearing the opposite news in Western Europe, such as how Christian churches were transformed into museums, pubs, or mosques.

The reason why Christian parishes in Western Europe have recently “retreated” in society and lost one believer at a time, Soltes said, is because they are “trying to blend in with the politically correct world” today. Stated.

Therefore, the Secretary of State called on the participants of the reform conference to “dare to confront what they started.” He added that he dares to take up their teachings in the face of today’s “anti-creationist and anti-naturalist ideologies.”

Soltes also thanked those from Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Transylvania, Transcarpathian and others for coming to the Hungarian Reformed Christian rally in Western Europe in Tachifal.


Featured Photo by Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI Secretary of State Soltes: We are in an era when common sense should spread

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