See: Colombian right-wing candidate proclaiming praise to “great thinker” Adolf Hitler

One of the two candidates to face in the second round of the Colombian presidential election next month is the infamous Nazi leader “worshiper” who killed millions of Jews, Rome and the Soviet Union in 2021. I was forced to apologize for calling myself. Civilian.

Recent footage on social media shows that Rodolfo Hernandez, a right-wing “populist” candidate for next month’s presidential election in Colombia, once declared support for Adolf Hitler. During an interview with RCN Radio in Colombia in 2016, a wealthy company explained:

“I adore the great German thinker. His name is Adolf Hitler.”

Video of the entire incident Shows that this declaration of support for the infamous Nazi leader was incredibly met by the host, but not clearly upset, Hernandez told his interviewer: Prompted “listen [Hitler’s] Recommendations “:

“If we always do the same thing, don’t act to change things.”

Leftist candidate Petro comes forward in the first round of the Colombian presidential election

One of the presenters quickly noticed the internationally renowned physicist Albert Einstein. “One possible definition of human stupidity, saying the same thing, is to repeat the same thing over and over, hoping for different results.” Before letting the mayor of Bucara Manga at that time know about it “Hitler was certainly not a great thinker.” Later, another host recommends that it is “probably” and “better” to quote Einstein instead.

Video of the conversation became a hot topic in Colombia in 2021, and Hernandez began using Twitter in the hope of regaining his reputation five years after declaring praise for the infamous Nazi dictator. rice field.

“I apologize for Hitler, anyone can have a slip [of the tongue] And I was wrong. The phrase was not his, but Einstein’s. I apologize to the Jewish community and all Colombians. “ See: Colombian right-wing candidate proclaiming praise to “great thinker” Adolf Hitler

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