See the winners of the Princess Grace Awards 2022

Presented annually by the Princess Grace Foundation of America, the Princess Grace Awards recognize several artists and help launch their careers.

On August 5, the Princess Grace Foundation (USA) announced the results of the Princess Grace Awards. The award is aimed at artists looking to launch a career in theater, dance or film and provides professional and financial support. To date, more than 800 artists have received prestigious awards.

The official awards ceremony will take place in New York on November 3rd. The 18 winners will each receive a $10,000 grant, and the 6 Honorary Winners will receive a $1,000 grant.

  • theater: Siena Zoe Allen, Hector Alvarez, Abigail C. Onunari, Kate Russell, Gabriella Saker, Francisco Mendoza. Honorary recipients are Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Dane Figueroa Edidi and Britney Narcisse.

  • Dance and Choreography: Abdiel Figueroa Reyes, Mila Nadon, Jake Trivas, Cameron N. Saunders, Omar Roman de Jesus, Malik Washington. Honorary winners are Eleni Loving and Ashlee Simpson.

  • movie: Kelechi Agwuncha, Río Castañeda, Jahmil Eady, Jeanette Fantone, Katie Mathews, Diana Milena Ojeda Castellanos. Honorary recipient is Hazel McKibbin.

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In parallel, nine artists were awarded Special Foundation Awards: Carlos Armesto, Nikki Blake Schiller, Mitch McCabe, LaShawn Mitchell, Iva Radybojevic, Zoe Scofield, Robin Mineko Williams, Rose Bond and Shamel Pitts. Scholarships were also awarded to young talents to help them pursue artistic careers. See the winners of the Princess Grace Awards 2022

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