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Seetharaman says collaboration with Qatar’s financial institution FinTech will lead to a customer value advantage

The Islamic Faculty of Hamadbin Harifa University recently announced the “6th CEO and Islamic Financial Leaders Roundtable” with the theme “Enablers and Prospects for Digital Transformation-Are Catalan Financial Institutions Ready to Accept FinTech?” Hosted.
Speakers include Dr. Emmad El Din Shahin, Dean of the Faculty of Islam, Hamad bin Khalifa University. Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida, Director and CEO of Qatar Financial Center (QFC). Dr. Sayyid Nazim Ali, Director of Research and Director of Islamic Economic and Financial Center (CIEF). Dr. Ahmet Falk Aisan, Professor and Program Coordinator of Islamic Financial Economics, Faculty of Islam, Hamad bin Harifa University. Dr. R Theta Raman, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank.
According to Seetharaman, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is revolutionarily combining advanced technologies to dramatically change people’s lives, jobs and relationships.
“Various industries are being redefined. The health sector can be rethought. Workspaces are changing. Robotics and artificial intelligence play a key role, allowing customers to be more powerful in the digital environment. Banks need to manage change by redefining their business models and manage different stakeholders such as customers, regulators and shareholders, “he said.
Regarding the development of FinTech, Seetharaman said: “Financial institutions around the world recognize that they need to focus on different types of innovation, better technology, modernization of infrastructure, and improved customer experience. You can use it to monetize your data. Fintech is one of the developments that emerged from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Fintech is a technology and innovation application to solve the needs of consumers and businesses in the financial sector. Think of cryptocurrencies using credit cards, online banking, and blockchain. “
Not only are FinTech start-ups leading innovation, he said, encouraging banks and financial institutions to explore new technologies and invest in digital service delivery channels.
“Fintech is the bank’s leading enabler in the digital ecosystem. Covid-19 acts as a catalyst for digitization, from which new digital business models emerge. Fintech enables digital transformation of banks. With this, banks are taking the level of digital transformation and actively implementing the latest advances.
“Approximately 85% of Mena’s fintech companies operate in the payment, remittance and remittance sectors. Qatar’s fintech companies improve the customer experience by providing more accessible financial services. Global fintech investment reached a record $ 98 billion in the first half of 2021, up from $ 87.1 billion in the same period in 2020, according to KPMG, ”says Seetharaman. ..
Emphasizing the role of Doha Bank in FinTech, Seetharaman stated from the beginning that Doha Bank is an active member of the Qatar FinTech Hub (QFTH), the FinTech Incubator of the Qatar Development Bank (QDB).
“As one of Qatar’s leading commercial banks, we are constantly innovating and are partnering and trying to support the growth of the FinTech ecosystem. Set by Doha Bank by Qatar Central Bank. It is an important goal to support the transformation of Qatar’s financial ecosystem to achieve the vision.
“That’s why we appreciate and appreciate the work that QDB and QFTH have done in delivering such an important program. Previously, we leveraged FinTech collaboration to create customer-centric proposals. Our highly recruited and engaged digital wallets are the result of FinTech collaboration. Face and voice authentication in mobile banking is another successful use case for FinTech adoption, “he said. Said.
Seetharaman said Doha Bank also offers payment gateway solutions for certain fintechs.
“One of our key initiatives is partnerships with FinTech start-ups. The QFTH program is very helpful in providing access to key FinTechs enthusiastic about exploring the Qatar market. ..
“We are enthusiastic about partnering with some of them to provide our customers with innovative technology-first solutions. Overall, the collaboration between Qatar’s financial institutions and FinTech is a customer value advantage. It will be connected, “says Seetharaman.
He also aims to connect industry and academia on the same platform for interactive and productive dialogue, with the goal of ultimately creating better synergies and bridging the gap between theory and practice. He praised the role played by the Faculty of Islam.

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