Self-tests likely won’t be done, but face masks will remain


Students will not be required to take self-tests before returning to school as they did in previous years, but will be required to wear masks.

A decision is expected to be made by the Ministry of Health’s panel of experts by early September at the latest, according to reports, and is expected to focus on the use of masks by students and teachers in classrooms.

The first indications given by experts and health officials are that routine self-testing will not resume this year, barring unforeseen circumstances. Many argue that mask use is mandatory, at least in indoor areas of educational institutions, and is expected to continue.

Dimitris Paraskevis, vice president of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), told Casimerini, “Masks are an effective and inexpensive means, and children are used to them.” added that it is also effective against the spread of the influenza virus, which is expected to show a strong “presence” this year, based on data from the Southern Hemisphere.

If the choice is made to make mask wearing mandatory, rather than just recommending it, this could go into effect from October. said that the spread of the coronavirus within the country is usually observed from October onwards. Self-tests likely won’t be done, but face masks will remain

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