Selfish news man jumps out into Africa and leaves reporters behind

Jerome Sawyer
Kenden Knowles

Bahamas, Nassau-Selfish Newsman Jerome Sawyer is currently on a plane to Africa. Another opportunity for a reporter taken by this selfish man who refuses to accept the fact that he is a washed-out sissy over his time.

It’s very sad to see people grabbing small pieces of fame around them. Meanwhile, the staff has left Our News and is on track in their lives.

BP is the first person to warn us to watch out for the snowfall of sissies coming to Our News soon. Young sissy too! Don’t say BP didn’t tell you!

damn you! Speaking of sissy! Only Jerome and his lover Kendeno Knowles seem to be able to travel for the company. When Sawyer isn’t flying around with Our News money, he authorizes his lover Kendeno to fly around, allowing whatever he wants to make a soft boy comfortable.

With mosquitoes whispering in BP’s ears, OurNews staff resented Knowles’ blatant and constant protection when Sawyer violated his rights, making demands outside the scope of his job, and a young man performing his duties. I leaned on when I did.

Go home and Sawyer! Stop spending OurNews money!Stop using government on these trips when you know you are Big Time Dam FNM!

What time is it in Babylon! Report on Yinne DECIDE! Selfish news man jumps out into Africa and leaves reporters behind

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