Selling immigrant slaves to American ranchers is a multi-million dollar business

Dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of undocumented immigrants, such as cows, are “purchased” daily by ranchers from the United States in modern slavery.

A study conducted by the newspaper Mirenio based on consultations on judicial documents kept in U.S. courts found that criminal organizations dedicated to selling these “modern slaves” made a profit of $ 200 million. I made it clear. In just 4 years.

Upon reviewing the file, journalist Laura Sanchezley found a mafia tactic to deal with immigrants. After crossing the border, they tend to steal ID and personal documents and collect information about families in Mexico and other countries. They use this information to intimidate them and prevent them from escaping.

These subjects keep migrants in fields with electric fences where they have been abused in multiple ways, the work they have done is not paid, and they are given little water. This constitutes labor exploitation and trafficking. This situation has been repeated in the areas of Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas, where 34 leaders of criminal groups dealing with migrants have been prosecuted.

The EndSlaveryNow project, aimed at visualizing the situation in the United States, shows that this type of forced labor is a form of slavery used around the world to produce a variety of products in the global supply chain. I guarantee.

Immigrants who survived these slave camps tell the true story of horror.

“Some of them were unpaid, without water, and were exploited to cut dozens of onions day and night with bare hands. In fact, one of them was cutting onions in the sun. Died of dehydration due to another immigrant was forced to sleep in a small room as a punishment for a patient with dementia. Others had an onion field with an electric fence to prevent them from escaping. The woman has been raped by her boss, “said the journalist.

According to Sanchez Ray, the criminal organization Patricio, which has been running for many years under the guise of an immigrant recruitment agency, is the United States. Criminal rule ended in 2019, with more than 200 North American police officers launching Operation Onion Blooming and following their footsteps to find their whereabouts.

So far, arrest warrants have been issued against 24 people facing criminal proceedings at the Georgia Prosecutor’s Office for forced labor and trafficking, among other crimes.

Journalists also found in judicial documents another 10 cases of “bosses” who enslaved immigrants. In total, 34 people have been prosecuted in the last four years, most of them in Latin names, but some have been indicted in English.

Modern slavery operates primarily in the agricultural sector and employs thousands of immigrants in the region, while otherwise Mexicans are forced to grow and sell drugs.

One of the latest incidents was recorded on June 28, 2022, when U.S. officials were warned that three people were struck by guns and forced into forced labor for about two weeks in McAllen, Texas.

Investigations revealed that the victims were detained separately and forced to work unpaid. Two men were forced to sell drugs outside the club, and a woman was forced to work as a babysitter for a couple from Texas.

Of the 34 people facing lawsuits on charges related to forced labor, they are currently working in US courts, 25 of whom are men and nine of whom are women. The case was registered between 2019 and 2022, with 33 judicial proceedings, and the case occurred at sites in Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas.

Journalists said that enslaved Mexicans gave them up to 200 million, as in the case of the’Patricio’criminal organization, which operated primarily on farms in South Georgia between 2015 and 2019, according to prosecutors. He emphasized that he left a profit for the dollar. He then laundered his money by buying land, homes, cars and businesses for cash, and sucking up millions of dollars through casinos.

Laura Sanchez Rey also identified another criminal group known as “Los Garcia,” which consisted of a complete family of fathers, mothers, siblings, and children.

They enslaved them to 14 Mexican men, took their papers and threatened them, and believed they would be seriously harmed if they did not work and service in the United States for them. I let you.

Court documents also reveal that it was Mexico that they recruited victims and tricked them into living promising jobs, money, and a better life in the United States. However, when they arrived, they were transferred and forced to work in Georgia and Wisconsin, saving a great deal of fortune.

The case is currently in court in Wisconsin, awaiting a judgment.

According to End Slavery Now, the fishing, textile, construction, mining, and agricultural industries are particularly full of forced labor. Many of them entered the United States under a work or student visa program. Selling immigrant slaves to American ranchers is a multi-million dollar business

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