Senate Berlin wants more electric cars in car sharing –

Berlin is focusing on increasing car-sharing vehicles with electric drives, increasing car-sharing services in the suburbs, and reducing e-scooters standing on the sidewalk.

The Senate Environmental Mobile Bureau explained the plan to e-tread scooter, bicycle rental, scooter and car sharing car rental companies on Tuesday. According to the Senate administration, the new rules will come into effect on September 1 with amendments to the Berlin Road Act.

Management continues to interact with the shared provider

The Mobility Administration wants to discuss more details with providers and others and submit a corresponding billing ordinance resolution to the Senate. The amendment to the Berlin Road Act itself was reportedly passed by the House of Representatives during the previous election period.

Author: dpa /

Issued: June 22, 2022

Last updated: June 22, 2022 Senate Berlin wants more electric cars in car sharing –

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