Senate Committee meets monthly –

The new Senate Housing Commission will meet once a month in the future.

The Commission’s core task is inter-departmental management of Berlin’s major housing construction projects, announced by the Senate Prime Minister on Tuesday (April 26, 2022). But above all, the implementation of previously stagnant individual construction projects should be reviewed. The committee is to find a solution to remove the obstacles that are hindering the progress of construction. These can include issues such as lack of coverage, contention for use, and capacity issues.

Senate Housing Committee meets for the first time

The committee, led by Mayor Franziska Giffy, met for the first time on Tuesday following the Senate meeting. Members of the committee are Urban Development Senator Andreas Geisel, Urban Mobility and Environment Senator Betina Jarush, Economic Senator Stephen Schwartz, Finance Senator Daniel Wesener, and Social Welfare Senator Katoya Kipping. At the first meeting, an overview of the content of the joint activities was given.

Giffy: New Home Construction Must Be An Absolute Priority

“It is clear that the construction of new homes must be an absolute priority, especially given the large number of refugees coming from Ukraine,” Giffy said at the beginning of the committee. She added that this only works with good coordination between the Senate administration and the district involved. “The Senate on Housing aims to quickly remove obstacles and obstacles to our major construction projects and resolve disputes at the highest level.” Thus, 20,000 new apartments a year. You can achieve your goals.

Author: dpa / BerlinOnline /

Issued: April 26, 2022

Last updated: April 26, 2022 Senate Committee meets monthly –

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