Senator FNM demands a formal investigation of the Chief Judge’s allegations – Eye Witness News

Senator Michela Burnett Ellis, Bahamas, has called on the Justice Commission to investigate Justice of the Peace, Justice Joyan Ferguson Pratt, alleging that a personal attack in court shed a lawyer.

Witness news Ferguson Pratt called Christina Galanos a coward and reported that she made a rough statement about Galanos’ sick mother after a lawyer complained about her late appearance in court.

Galanos has filed a complaint with QC Judge Brian Molly, who helped the Supreme Court promote an agreement to transfer Galanos’ case to another judge.

After Ferguson Pratt was allegedly disagreeing with the agreement in the case earlier this year, Galanos’ client successfully pushed the Supreme Court to move his case to another judge.

Barnett-Ellis said: We are all human beings, and we have good days and bad days, but we cannot talk to such people.

“These comments were cruel and I think we need to investigate from the Justice Commission to see if it really happened. If so, such action is not allowed, so I think. Another step is needed. It’s not appropriate.

The Senator said it would be up to the Justice Commission to decide what to do if the allegations were deemed to be beneficial.

“That’s out of my scope,” she said.

“We must also maintain public confidence in the judiciary, as there is enforcement when things happen, when bad behavior happens, and there is a disciplinary court dealing with it. Helps you to be confident in our system.

“There is always a story around the court about what happened. I have never heard of this in this level of detail regarding the event.”

On Wednesday, Bar Association President Karil Parker said the issue between the Supreme Court and Galanos had not been resolved.

He suggested that a formal investigation may be underway. Senator FNM demands a formal investigation of the Chief Judge’s allegations – Eye Witness News

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