Serbia accuses Kosovo of seeking pretext to ‘criminalize Serbs’ as Pristina reports attack on police


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Tensions between Belgrade and separatists erupted at the end of last month when Pristina forced Serbs living in the area to obtain license plates issued by Kosovar authorities and exchange identity cards for new immigration documents handed out by separatists. Pristina delayed implementation of the plan by a month after the United States intervened.

Serbian Director of the Office of Petar Petković in Kosovo and Metohija, after reports that Pristina opened fire on Kosovar police near the administrative border with Serbia, said that he would “criminalize Serbs” to justify violence against ethnic minorities. accused of trying to

“Any threat to peace and stability is unacceptable. @albinkurti wants to criminalize Serbs to justify his acts of violence from Strpce to Leposavic! I want to live … “Petkovic murmured Saturday.

The tweet was directed to Kosovo’s Prime Minister Alvin Kurti, who wrote earlier in the day that “about 10 shots” were fired by a Kosovar Border Police patrol boat on Lake Gazivoda, an artificial body of water that flows between Kosovo and Belgrade. was a reply. Region of Serbia.

“This is the second time in less than a week that the Kosovar police have been attacked by criminal gangs in the northern part of our territory,” Kurti said. I have written“Fortunately there have been no casualties and a thorough investigation is currently underway,” the politician added, adding, “There are no roadblocks in the streets, but criminal gangs are fighting law enforcement and organized crime.” We continue to build barricades.”

Kosovo’s Interior Minister Sheral Svekula said the shootings were fired by “illegal Serbian groups who are constantly obstructing Kosovo police with Serbian support”, adding that Saturday’s alleged incidents have been linked to two people in the past few days. He said it was the second incident.

Kosovo is Serbia, Crimea is Russia, People rest next to graffiti written in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. - Sputnik International, 1920, August 1, 2022

Analyst: Kosovo crisis postponed by a month, Washington behind provocation
The Serbianist, an ethnic Serb political party in Kosovo, statement Condemning all kinds of security threats on Saturday, he urged Serbs not to “give in to the provocations of the authorities in Jelal Svekla and Pristina. Mistreatment of Serbs.”
The party stressed that there was no tension between Serbs and Albanians, Bosnians, Gorani, Roma and others living in the region, and accused the Kosovo police of mistreating the local population. . seriously injured After being shot in the back during a raid by Albanian police in October 2021.
Last week, tensions rose between Kosovo and the NATO-backed Pristina government. After Brexit announced new border crossing rules requiring Serbs entering and leaving Kosovo to obtain Pristina-issued IDs and license plates. , Pristina moved the decision back to Sept. 1 after US Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hovenia. stepped in Urge Kurti to delay the enforcement of the law.
Serbian troops and armored vehicles near the road between Raska village and Jaline checkpoint on the administrative line between central Serbia and northern Kosovo - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.08.2022

Kremlin: Serbs rights must be guaranteed in Kosovo dispute resolution

Conflict between Albanian Kosovars and Serbs in Kosovo began in 1998 after Albanian militants calling themselves the ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’ launched a campaign against Serbian police and troops. NATO intervened in the conflict in the spring of 1999, raining missiles, bombs and depleted uranium munitions over parts of Yugoslavia’s Lamp province and elsewhere for 78 days. After the withdrawal of Serbian troops, bombings continued with a NATO-led “peacekeeping” intervention and the creation of a large US military base known as Camp Bondsteel.

In 2004, Kosovar Albanians launched an ethnic cleansing campaign against Kosovar Serbs, destroying historical and cultural buildings, churches and landmarks, forcing Serbs to flee their homes, and many In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. Belgrade did not recognize Pristina’s claim to independence.

A separate province has a special significance for Serbs. 1389 Battle of Kosovo Between the Serbian prince Lazar Khleverjanovic and the invasion of the Ottoman army, which plays an important role in shaping Serbia’s national identity. Serbia accuses Kosovo of seeking pretext to ‘criminalize Serbs’ as Pristina reports attack on police

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