Serra da Estrela blaze finally subdued

Release energy equivalent to 25 atomic bombs on the scale of Hiroshima

Wildfires in the Estrela Mountains After a week of hell, finally under controlFinally, the “sweep-up operation” begins in earnest.

This incident One of the longest forest fires recorded in Portugal – not only one Fire-fighting strategy and decision-making ‘full of questions and accusations’.

All parties agree that a full investigation should be done.

But the good news is that, despite so many “hiccups” and moments where nothing was planned, Civil Protection Commander Miguel Cruz seems convinced the end has been reached. That’s it.

He told reporters today that the energy released by the fire was equivalent to 25 atomic bombs on the scale of Hiroshima.

At his final press conference last night, Cruz announced that the fire had been “contained.” His more than 1,400 firefighters, supported by hundreds of equipment and his five air support units, continue to operate today. The reasoning was that, if all went well, the fire was on its way to being declared “extinct.”

today, Official pro.civ website (as well as removed all mention of it, so last night’s rain may hastened the final moments of the fire.

The worst of this flame is still a long way off when it comes to calculating damage, which “Guardians of Serra” says is incalculable.

UNESCO experts will eventually arrive on site. Serra’s World Heritage status is unlikely to be removed anytime soon, but this remains a possibility, depending on long-term damage.

“It all depends on how nature recovers from this attack,” said the Correio da Magna tabloid this morning, adding that even if Serra retained the coveted UNESCO classification, “its It will never return to what it was before the night,” stressed August 6, 2022. Serra da Estrela blaze finally subdued

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