Setubal’s “Russian Gate” Refugee Assistance Survey

Ongoing controversy about Putin-supporting Russians are reportedly funded by a Communist-led council in Setubal. Acceptance of Ukrainian refugees Ask questions to investigate unnecessarily Have seen PJ police to understand”Diverse documents” today.

The search was conducted both at the Council’s Refugee Assistance Facility (LIMAR) office and at the “Eastern Immigration Association” (Edinstvo). Igor KashinWith Russians who have a close relationship with the Kremlin It has been under investigation by Portuguese security services since 2014.

at the same time, Parliamentary Commission on Constitutional Issues, Rights, Freedom and Guarantees I started listening to the stories of various stakeholders affected by this scandal – Ukrainian Refugee Association of PortugalExplained (yet) trying to raise the issue of Putin’s supporters, who have been active in Portugal for the past eight years (since the annexation of Crimea).

MP raises many issues, High Commissioner for Immigration Knowing the situation, the police Affect computer search “About the data related to the crime under investigation”.

These crimes are related to “Collection, Excessive Access, and Use of Data in a Way Incompatible with the Purpose of Data Misuse” Based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

The investigation is below, as the memo on the Ministry of Public Affairs website explains. The secret of justice.

Talk early today Portuguese Minister of Justice and Parliamentary Issues Ana Catarina Mendes This said The dispute will be investigated in “the end result” Check if it was there “Negligence or intolerable treatment By the municipality.

“This government does not allow violations of the law, let alone those who arrive here. Dignity and respect“. The minister, one of the top members of the Socialist Party executives, guaranteed.

The most interesting aspect of the report so far has been the complete lack of contact between the two Russian citizens who appear to have been involved, Igor Kashin, who started working in the city of Setubal last year, and his wife Julia.

is It is not even clear if the couple remains in Portugal.

A source from the council said in the meantime that it “provides all the support needed for the diligence of the judiciary.”

This dispute happened a few weeks ago Expresso carried a monopoly We asked Ukrainians who were “frightened” by the fact that they were accepted by the Russians in Setubal, where their husbands were, and what they were doing in Ukraine.

since then It becomes clear that the town council has supported the Edinstvo Society for almost a decade, and perhaps more.

In addition to complications Lisbon Communist Party Councilor João Ferreira Came out and suggested The incoming refugees are “not all of the same origin or belief.”

He has Criticized the PSD coalition Run the council Protocol approval Works with Ukrainian Association of Portugal By welcoming refugees.

And to conclude the day’s sound bite, the Russian embassy in Lisbon said the Edinstvo Association was the victim. “Russian phobia”. Setubal’s “Russian Gate” Refugee Assistance Survey

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