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Seven children out of thirteen dead in a Philadelphia house fire

A fire broke out in a renovated three-story home in the eastern United States city of Philadelphia yesterday, killing 13 people, including seven children, officials said.
“Prices are dynamic, as there is still ongoing restoration work inside,” said Craig Murphy, deputy commissioner at the Philadelphia Fire Department.
He added that two more were rushed to the hospital.
Firefighters said it was the worst fire I’ve seen in 35 years of work.
Murphy said it was premature to say what caused the flames, but his department is investigating.
“It’s not necessarily considered suspicious, but because of the size of this fire we put all our hands on the deck,” he told reporters. “We are investigating this at the highest level possible. We are incorporating all the resources.” He had four smoke detectors in the building, but “all” worked. He said he didn’t.
The building is owned by Philadelphia’s Public Housing Authority.
According to Murphy, eight people managed to evacuate their homes.
According to the fire department, police officers arrived at the site in the Fairmount area at 6:40 am and “found a big fire on the second floor of a three-story Nagaya.”
“PFD responded to a deadly fire at 800 blocks of N. 23rd St this morning,” he said in a tweet. “It took 50 minutes to control the fire.”
“This is arguably the most tragic day in the history of our city, and we lost a lot of people in such a tragic way,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney told reporters. Said.
The Philadelphia Inquirer told police that a three-story house had been converted into two apartments.
About 26 people lived in the building, 8 on the 1st floor and 18 on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
It was not clear how many people were in the building at the time of the fire.
“Obviously a tragedy has happened and we are all mourning it, but we can’t tell how many people there are,” Kenny added.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707493/Seven-kids-among-13-dead-in-Philadelphia-house-fir Seven children out of thirteen dead in a Philadelphia house fire

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