Seven Religious Leaders Receive Queen’s Birthday Honor – Nassau Guardian

Of the 18 people recognized for their outstanding service and contribution to the people of the Bahamas, Queen Elizabeth II awarded seven religious leaders the Chivalry Award for her birthday honors in 2022. ..

Bishop Delton Fernander, President of the Bahama Christian Council (BCC) and Chief Pastor of the New Destiny Cathedral, was awarded the Order of St. Michael and St. George’s (CMG) companion. Rev. Francis M. Carrie II was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his service to the community.

Bishop Walter S. Hanschel was awarded the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his service to religion and community, and Rev. Samuel Buddle was awarded for his service to religion. Bishop Lawrence Roll was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his service to religion and community. Rev. Hensil Kenneth B. Adderley and Rev. Basil Johnson received BEMs for their religious service.

Fernander said he was “honored and humbled” by honor.

“I believe that my work for the Church and my country is a calling from God, and ultimately my greatest reward comes from God, but especially I have devoted much of my life and effort. I am honored and humbled to have been recognized for my efforts in the field of my work. “

Fernander is trying to take his work seriously and do it not only for the glory of God, but also for the standards of excellence that deserves that of the leaders of the Christian community. I hope it will be a sign of that.

“We live in an era where quick and easy seems like a better route, but we need to show that it’s extraordinary for future generations … by aiming high for what you’re trying to do, nevertheless. It’s the surest route to success, “Fernander said.

The Bahamas has a national honor system, but the upset that the country is completely separated from the Queen’s honor is in some respects, and Fernanda said he believes in both systems.

“As a sovereign state, I believe we should have a national system that respects them. [people] People doing extraordinary work in different areas of our society. But I also believe that the honor given by Her Majesty is beneficial. It has a high reputation internationally. Perhaps even more – CMG, KCMG, GCMG, etc. are easily identifiable suffixes throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. Also, given that we are an independent country that recognizes her dignity as head of state, my country, the Bahamas, proposes me to her dignity as one of the highest praises of non-politicians. It is understood that I chose to honor me. “Fernander said.

Buddle, a pastor of the Lutheran Church in Nassau, said that being recognized in honor of the Queen’s Birthday was of great significance to him.

“Obviously, some people thought a lot about recommending me for such an honor. I think that the work we do in churches and communities is our Christian duty. I didn’t expect to be so honored in my dreams, “Budre said. “Our Lord preached to us the good news to the world in his church, nourishing the hungry and the poor, caring for the sick, dressed naked, for justice. I was ordered to stand up. Often when we are working, the state recognizes our good work and rewards us for the same. For this reason, I We appreciate.”

He said it was unclear how honor would be reflected in his actions, but he would be happy if it helped him win the soul for the Lord.

“Maybe in some way it may open the door where I’ll help others,” Boodle said.

Regarding accepting honor, he said people have the option to refuse, but he is at least grateful and grateful for what a person can do when someone spends time and effort to give you something. I learned that it is.

“I am deeply grateful to those who consider me worthwhile and recommend me for this honor. Rejecting such honor would have been an insult to those who recommended me. “The Lutheran minister said. “Furthermore, we are the Commonwealth country and the Queen is the head of state. Therefore, we support the monarchy.” Seven Religious Leaders Receive Queen’s Birthday Honor – Nassau Guardian

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