Seven women sue bishop over rape and abortion allegations

On Friday morning, seven women filed a lawsuit over Bishop Dodoni of Chrysostom’s outrageous rape and abortion claims.

Women, including those who have been verbally or sexually abused, plan to file a lawsuit against the bishop under the Anti-Racism Act in the Court of First Instance in Thessaloniki.

The women visited the website on religious issues,

Open Letter to the Bishop:

“You have abused us twice.

» Being abused twice is barbaric. We are women, we are mothers, we are daughters, we have experienced physical and verbal violence, some have experienced terrorism and racism.

Today we saw the same horror on TV. The face of a man dressed in black posing as a priest. The church we believe in allows him to pretend to be a priest.

»You are abusing us twice. Your words are worse than rape itself.

»Love preachers become hate preachers in an attempt to get publicity.

»That’s why I’m suing you because I know you won’t punish me.

The text was followed by the full names of the seven women.

Bishop’s Statement Shocks Society

In a statement full of sexism and misogyny, Bishop claimed on Sky TV:

No woman is raped without consent

Even in the case of rape, abortion should not be done.

Abortions can be performed with church permission only if the fetus has brain damage.

reaction storm

The storm of angry reactions subsided in an instant, social media went on fire, mainstream media, TV channels and websites condemned the claims of the occultists, and even ministers of the conservative Greek government followed suit.

The Greek Orthodox Synod called the bishop’s remarks “unacceptable and insulting to rape victims.

late friday night, bishop reportedly He apologized, saying his thoughts were misunderstood. He and the church recognize rape as a reprehensible fact, he said.

See KTG’s report on the bishop’s full statement and reaction. here Seven women sue bishop over rape and abortion allegations

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