Shanghai strengthens blockade despite fewer cases of COVID-19

Beijing, May 9: Shanghai officials have tightened anti-virus restrictions again, just as Shanghai has emerged from a one-month strict blockade with the outbreak of COVID-19. According to notices issued in some districts, residents are ordered to stay home and are prohibited from receiving unnecessary deliveries as part of a “quiet period” that lasts at least until Wednesday. Depending on the results of the mass test, the tightening measures could be extended, the notice said.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. A notice issued in Huangpu District of the city and posted online can be put together to lift the block early. ” ..

Shanghai reported 3,947 cases in the last 24 hours on Monday, almost all of which were asymptomatic and 11 died. Authorities have gradually lifted quarantine rules for the city’s 25 million inhabitants, but new orders appear to have returned to state early in the outbreak. China bans livestreaming on social media to protect the physical and mental health of minors.

Shanghai initially ordered a mass test with a limited lockdown, but extended it as the number of cases increased. Thousands of residents were forced into a centralized quarantine center because of positive test results or simply contact with an infected person.

Two Shanghai residents contacted through social media said they had not been notified in advance of the new restrictions. “We’re not ready. We packed our luggage in the hope that it would be our next turn,” said tech company researcher Chang Chen, who was taken to the quarantine facility.

“I don’t know what will happen in May, but I think we need psychological help after the blockade,” Zhang said. Marketing experts in western Pudong said quality of life is declining despite continued living expenses. Ascend under the blockage.

“Every time, the blockade is said to be relaxed in a few days, but it seems like there’s no end,” to avoid the effects of crackdown authorities, to be identified only by her name, Lu. The woman who asked said. She emphasizes dissent.

“All aspects of the work are affected. I don’t know when the blockage will end,” he said. In Beijing, authorities were told to close the largest urban areas, residents stay home and stores closed. All residents, closed parks, other leisure facilities, and limited restaurants with takeaway business only.

The normally bustling Sanlitun area, full of restaurants, boutiques and Apple stores, was a little deserted place. Nonetheless, retired Yang Xiao-chan said Beijing seems much more prepared to survive the surge than his southern cousins. The report states that China is pursuing the expulsion of Tibetans in environmental action clothing.

“Initially there was a panic buy, but Beijing won’t,” Yang said of Shanghai. Still, companies and investors, Shanghai and other industrial centers are disrupting global trade and activity in the automotive, electrical equipment and other industries.

China’s export growth plummeted in April as global demand weakened and put pressure on the world’s second-largest economy. Exports were up 3.7% year-on-year to $ 273.6 billion, down sharply from 15.7% in March, according to customs data. Imports increased 0.7% to $ 222.5 billion, with growth below 1% last month, reflecting weak demand in China.

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