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Sharjah’s Sky Pod travels fast through the city at 120 km / h-News

A longer Skypod test track will be operational prior to the October Expo 2020.

As Sharjah’s Skypod begins to run at an average speed of 120-125 km / h, emirate commuters will be able to travel 2.4 km in less than 60 seconds.

Not only are these pods fast, but they will also be cheaper than other traditional transportation systems currently available around the world, and uSky Transport, one of the two companies behind the innovation. Oleg Zaretskiy, Chief Executive Officer, said.

However, these Skypods need to meet more regulatory requirements before a commercial launch, but as far as testing is concerned, work is going on.

After early safety testing, the four-seater Skypod, powered by string rail technology, is now moving at a speed of 40 km / h, suspended from an early 400-meter truck.

The pipeline has a longer test track set up to go live prior to Expo 2020 in October.

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“The first project will take place in Sharjah, UAE. These trucks will also be integrated into the local network. There are two 2.4km trucks in progress. One is October before the 2020 Expo. It is expected to be completed around November, and the other is to complete 2.4km by May 2022, “said Zaretskiy.

“The system can reach speeds of 150km / h. We are also developing a concept that can accelerate the speed limit to 500km / h.”

Its inventor uSky and Belarus’ Unitsky String Technologies call this breakthrough technology the “future.”

The Sky pods passenger model can withstand a load of 4 tons (including passengers) and the cargo model can deliver a 12m container.

“The VIP option for U-cars can carry four people and has access to a U-bus that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. You can customize the solution. Depending on the number of steps. Blockchain technology can be used for ticketing solutions and we are considering that as well. We are also in discussions with the Dubai Road Transport Authority (RTA). ” He said.

Skypod has been brought to the United Arab Emirates in 2019 Several changes have already been made to tailor the system to the needs and climate of the country.

“Now that the Skypod has an impeller, we’ve found that in this weather a lot of dust gets into the rails and settles on the rails, so our system adapts to the local climatic conditions. We are always looking for improvements, “said Zaretskiy.

Sharjah officials emphasized that some regulatory requirements must be met prior to the commercial launch of the pod.

Hussain Al Mahmoudi, CE0 of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, said: We hope to commercialize this technology immediately and achieve great success in the region.

“Mobility is a global topic. Skypod uses less land, uses less energy and is more efficient, so we hope to solve some of the congestion-related challenges. This transport The solution is intended to be cost effective, more efficient and effective. The uSky project is an important project for us here in Sharjah. This is our global expansion. It’s a project I hope for. “


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