Sharon Osbourne, 69, looks frail because he has been given an IV drip after catching Covid from Ozzy.

Sharon Osbourne She raised concerns when she shared a photo of herself caught in an IV drip while she was fighting Covid.

The talk show presenter, 69, was infected with the virus after returning to Los Angeles to take care of the rock star. Husband Ozzy Osbourne, 73 years old...

Take me to Instagram On Wednesday, Sharon lay down on the bed with his pet dog and TV remote control, and looked frail with drips on his arms.

She captioned the shot with “f ** k Covid”.

The follower went to the comments section immediately and wanted her to recover quickly. One wrote, “I feel better soon,” and another wrote, “You are much stronger than Covid! Sharon of a lot of love.”

Sharon Osbourne raised concerns by sharing a photo of himself caught in an IV drip while fighting Covid.


The third believer said: “Oh, don’t send my luv mama Osbourne”.

But when she talked to host Jeremy Kyle on Tuesday, she reassured him that she “feels fine.”

former X factor In December 2020, the judge revealed that she tested positive for Covid and was temporarily hospitalized.

She was “extremely worried” about her husband, 73, who had Parkinson’s disease when she was announced to have been infected with the virus last week.


Talk to the mirror Regarding concerns about Sharon’s husband, and insiders revealed that as soon as she heard his worried diagnosis, a former reality TV star dropped everything along with her other half.

“She is worried and beside her. Ozzy was terribly paranoid about getting Covid for everything he experienced,” the insider said.

“Now he got it, he panicked and felt terrible. He was so paranoid when he heard Covid spread on the surface, so take it home. All deliveries were sprayed out with antibacterial treatment. “

In a moving video last week, Sharon said:

“I’m very worried about Ozzy. We went for two years without him catching Covid. That’s Ozzy’s luck right now.”

The couple have been married since 1982 and have three children: Amy, Kelly, and Jack. Sharon Osbourne, 69, looks frail because he has been given an IV drip after catching Covid from Ozzy.

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