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Sheikh Faisal releases a new book recording the history of Qatar and its people

Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim Al-Thani publishes a new book recording Qatar’s inspiring events, unusual photographs and documentary journeys from his grandparents’ days to the present day.
The book, entitled “Qatar, Its History, People, and Rulers, Where We Lived,” will be open to the public at the Doha International Book Fair, which will be held from Thursday, January 13th to 22nd, January.
The book, which consists of 10 chapters (covering 452 pages), is a milestone in the history of Qatar since its inception, a transformation from a mere geographic concept to an independent state with a unique culture, and his high-level wise leadership. Discusses the pioneers of regional and international roles under. Amir Shake Tamim Bin Hamad Altani.
Distributed by the Hamad bin Harifa University Press, this book is about the beginnings of Qatar, the ruling family, the culture of Qatar, the years of hardship, the miracles of Qatar, the immovable times, the difficult tests and the inspirational women of Qatar. Contains important chapters such as, and above all, an immortal heritage.
The book will soon be published in 10 languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Hindi, Persian and Portuguese.
In the introduction of this book, Ambassador Sheikh Faisal bin Kasim wrote: What I heard, what I witnessed, and what I experienced in Majlis about the people of Qatar and their rulers since I was born. “
He added: “I have lived six of the eight rulers of my beloved country. The founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jasim bin Mohammed Altani, is my great-grandfather. I am a variety of Qatar. I have recorded all words, images and events in an objective and balanced way, based on my experience of living through different times and my experience of traveling with my father when he was young as Emile. In the Duhan region, west of Doha, our country witnessed the first emergence of “black gold” and the entry of Qatar into the oil era.
“This book states that there are vital events on the roads of all people and nations, and that Qatar, where I have lived, is full of outstanding events and inspiring stories. Comprehensive answers to Qatar’s soft power questions, how Qatar managed demographic and geographic limits, diplomatic weights, and the breadth of international credibility, and Qatar’s leadership. It also includes a vision that has resulted in a richer country in terms of substance and institution.
“Today, Qatar is one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world, and some of the most famous companies in the region, including Qatar Airways, one of the best airlines in the world, and the famous Al Jazeera News Network. It is the first time in Arab countries to host the FIFA World Cup this year. All of these achievements show the progress since Qatar’s founding. “
The book focuses on desert life and precious pearl diving from the beginning, from the discovery of “black gold” to Qatar’s entry into the energy era and diversifying the economy with successful investments in Qatar. It records various stages of evolution. A move towards a knowledge-based economy that adapts to the world and modern economies and is at the forefront of digitalization and innovation.
HE Sheikh Faisal hopes that this book will be a guide for future generations and for all visitors or newcomers to the land of Qatar to illuminate the way to understand the country, its history and its people. I want it.
The book also provides insights into Qatar’s strong global relationships as a model for building and delivering peace mediators, development partners, and humanitarian relief. This book is a message to future generations that the uplifting of a country or people has nothing to do with population size or geographic region, but with the unity of the people of the country and its vision and strength of leadership.

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