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Sheikh Mohammed visits Dubai’s new Infinity Bridge

On Thursday, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, visited the newly built Infinity Bridge in the Emirates.

The bridge will improve the connection between Deira and Dubai by increasing the total number of lanes crossing Dubai Creek from 48 to 60.

The bridge can accommodate 24,000 vehicles per hour in both directions and has a 3-meter wide railroad track for pedestrians and bicycles.

The Infinity Bridge, which consists of six lanes in each direction, is part of the Dhs53bn Sindaga Corridor Project, borrowing its name from an architectural arch in the shape of an infinity symbol.

Infinity Bridge in Dubai

The 13 km project runs along Sheikh Rashid Street, Alumina Street, Alkalige Street and Cairo Street and is completed in 11 stages by the Road Transport Authority (RTA).

Construction work on the project will begin in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2027.

Currently, there are two ring roads to facilitate the flow of traffic. The first is an extension of Sheikh Rashid Street, an external road that runs through Alumina Street, Alkalige Street, Cairo Street and Alittihad Street. The second is an internal road that constitutes an extension of Sheikh Rashid Street, passing through Alumina Street, Alkaji Aji Street, Abbakl Arsidik Street, and Umm Frere Street.

The current section of the Arsindaga Corridor Project includes the construction of 15 junctions with a total length of 13 km. Due to its vast scope, the project is built in five phases. The completion rate for all sections of the project has now reached 85% and is expected to be completed later this year. The corridor serves Deira and Bar Dubai, as well as several development projects such as Deira Islands, Dubai Seafront, Dubai Maritime City and Port Rashid, and will serve 1 million people. By 2030, travel time will be reduced from 104 minutes to just 16 minutes, and the time saved in 20 years is worth about 45 billion Dhs.

The Alsindaga Corridor Project also covers plans to improve the intersection of Alhariji and Abhail, and the intersection of Sheikh Rashid and Jumeirah, Alumina, Sheikh Saba Al Ahmad Al Javert Al Sabah. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The project also covers the construction of a 1.5km long bridge south of Deira Island, which is scheduled to be completed in 2027.

“The rapid development of Dubai’s road and transportation network, which has invested over A $ 140 billion over the last 15 years, has created a strong infrastructure foundation that strengthens global competitiveness, creates new growth opportunities and businesses. It reflects our belief in our role in providing an environment that supports our citizens, residents and visitors to the Emirate, ensuring the best possible quality of life. ” Mohammed says.

Other major road infrastructure projects completed in Dubai include the Dubai-Al-Ain Road Improvement Project, which stretches 17km from the Emirates Road intersection to the Bukadra-Las Alcohol intersection. Construction is also underway on the Sheikh Rashid bin Sayed Road Improvement Corridor Project, which stretches 8km along the Las Al Cole Road from the Dubai Al Ain Road intersection to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road intersection. Yes, including the construction of bridges. It will extend 2km, increase the capacity of Las Alcohol Road to 10,000 vehicles per hour, and reduce travel time from 20 minutes to 7 minutes.

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