‘Sherman’ to appear in court over death of 34-year-old woman

A 45-year-old “shaman” from Colombia will be tried in the Larnaca Circuit Court for the death of a 34-year-old woman from Latvia during a ceremony called Ajawanska, which was meant to purify her body and spirit. At this point, it is being considered whether the 53-year-old woman from Russia, who is believed to have been preparing such a ceremony, will be added to the indictment, or whether she will be used as a witness for the prosecution.

Recall that the Latvian woman was taken to Larnaca Hospital on 27 August 2019 and was pronounced dead on arrival. DEA officials believe the woman may have died from a deadly cocktail of psychotropic drugs and alcohol during a “cleansing ritual” at Aladipaw.

Shortly after the woman’s death, the 45-year-old headed for Vienna, but a European arrest warrant was issued against him. Last week he was found in Spain and extradited to Cyprus. ‘Sherman’ to appear in court over death of 34-year-old woman

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