Shiba Inu Leads Dogecoin as Twitter Followers Increase

While Dogecoin was fairly popular in the first half of 2021, Shiba Inu overtook it as the most popular meme token in the second half.The euphoria surrounding Dogecoin faded when its price remained unchanged for months, and SHIB, by contrast, performed better in the index. gain Dramatically attract more new investors to the market.

A year later, Shiba Inu has overtaken Dogecoin in Twitter followers. Dogecoin had him with a solid Twitter following of 3.1 million, but the Dogecoin killer surpassed Doge in terms of ownership. SHIB currently has 3,441,762 followers compared to Dogecoin’s 3,439,746. Dogecoin currently has 2,220 fewer Twitter followers than SHIB.

SHIB token joined Twitter in February 2021 and Dogecoin joined the social media network in December 2013.

By avoiding all Doges, SHIB has lived up to its slogan of becoming a “Doge Coin Killer”. SHIB briefly surpassed Doge’s market capitalization and was removed from the top 10 cryptocurrency list last year. However, Doge has regained its position and now he is the 10th largest cryptocurrency, with SHIB ranking his 12th.

Efforts of Shiba Inu

Many properties around the world accept Doge and SHIB as valid payment methods. AMC Theaters revealed last month that it now accepts both cryptocurrencies for online ticket purchases.

Furthermore, the utility of Shiba Inu is [SHIB] We have made significant progress in the last few months. However, prices are generally stable or continue to decline. Network changes, frequent burns and large movements of whales don’t seem to affect prices. However, SHIB increased significantly over the weekend.

Shiba Inu It managed to reach a 90-day high of $0.00001774 on Sunday. Many were surprised by this as most of the competing cryptocurrencies in the market were drowning in blood. He continued by pointing out that there is

At press time, the price of SHIB was $0.00001574, down 2.27%. Shiba Inu Leads Dogecoin as Twitter Followers Increase

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