Shooting of suspects in “justified” days

Deputy Police Secretary Clayton Fernander warned the public not to be involved in police when dealing with three police-related shootings last week.

“I believe it is justified,” Fernander said of a recent incident.

“The police must first try to protect themselves, and then protect the good people there.

“These things are happening in the community, and everyone has no eyes on bullets.

“Anyone in the area can be shot. These things are happening right in our community and officers need to protect themselves.

“If a companion comes to you with a weapon and he is shooting you, you have no choice but to return the fire to protect yourself and those who may be near the incident.”

Police reported Thursday that they shot and killed a man on Antigua Street in New Providence after firing at a police officer who was chasing him in response to the complaint.

Another incident happened on Sunday morning when police responded to two armed robbers.

Police responded to the call and chased the suspect into the Kennedy subdivision.

According to police, three suspects got out of the car, two of whom were armed and fired at police. A policeman fired and one of the suspects was shot dead, but survived.

Fernander said weapons were recovered, two of the suspects were arrested, and a third escaped.

The latest incident took place early Monday morning in eastern New Providence.

Fernander said operations are underway to deal with a series of invasions in the area.

“Our executives in the eastern region have come together to develop a strategy aimed at capturing the responsible person,” he said.

“Surgery was performed last night. While in the eastern dwelling, an individual came there, entered the property, and tried to enter the dwelling. Officers approached, there was a struggle, and the criminal was armed with a bar. ..

“There was a struggle, the individual tried to steal a weapon from the officer, and he was shot. He died on the scene.”

According to statistics previously released by Police Secretary Paul Roll, there were 20 police-related shootings in 2021 killing 11 people.

At a press conference yesterday morning, Fernander said executives “must do what we have to do” to save the lives of themselves and others.

“The criminal is so daring that he will not only try to harm the officer, but also try to escape to the end,” he said.

“… they are shooting police cars as they pass by. So you can see that these things happen. They will confront us, but our officers are trained and we are these individuals. I pray to God that God will continue to protect us while we pursue.

“So these companions don’t respect themselves, so what do you think of me and you?

“So we always need to be ready to do what we have to do to ensure that we protect not only our lives, but the good citizens who continue to move.”

“I want to stay in my lane,” Fernander said, but said the problem wasn’t going fast enough in the coroner’s court.

“I’m not happy,” he said.

“I know they’re trying to restructure, but it’s all done in court … they have a challenge, I don’t know what it is, but I think it should work, so it works. Is not.”

He added, “Obviously, there are some open issues that are being heard in court.

“Even the victim’s family can be heard screaming, so it’s clear that the problem isn’t progressing as quickly as expected. So what’s creating that monster? I can’t say. “ Shooting of suspects in “justified” days

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