Shower masturbation is “pure luxury”, a German media outlet claim

Following Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, many European countries, including Germany, have imposed strict sanctions on Moscow and declared their intention to ban Russia’s oil and gas. However, this decision has had a significant impact on European utility prices and consumer prices.

German media outlet Built It has become clear that even simple fun such as shower masturbation is now becoming “luxury” due to soaring utility bills.

Outlets calculate that women “do this” at least once every 8 days, and in most cases give at least 15 minutes of complacency in the shower. But such self-satisfaction also means an additional 660 minutes of water use per year-this is not currently affordable for all German women.

“Therefore, masturbation in the shower head is purely extravagant,” concludes the outlet. “After all, 20.7% of women are as environmentally friendly as frugal.”

This well-meaning willingness to prioritize the environment and one’s wallet arises in Germany’s tense economic situation, where utility bills rise amid Russian sanctions on oil and gas.

Berlin, which has joined the western promotion to condemn Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, has already it Creating an emergency response plan If Russia’s gas supply suddenly stops.

Following anti-Russian sanctions, German gas and electricity prices hit unprecedented highs. German premium gasoline prices rose 41.9% in March, diesel fuel rose 62.6%, and diesel fuel rose about 2.5 times. Shower masturbation is “pure luxury”, a German media outlet claim

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