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SidraMedicine transforms microbial identification from days to minutes-DohaNews

Qatar is contributing to the medical field with the recent development of new, inexpensive and in-house preparation methods.

Sidra Medicine, the Qatar Foundation’s International Institute for Biomedical Sciences, has developed a new blood treatment method to identify bacterial and other microbial counterparts in blood-borne diseases. This gives results in a very short period of time.

The new methodology essentially transformed the time process of test results for bacterial and fungal identification from days to minutes spans.

This enables early detection of potential bloodstream infections and enables medical teams to initiate appropriate antibacterial and infection control measures at the hospital’s Sidra Medicine. report..

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This new development is currently being applied to quickly test for blood infections in children admitted to Sidra Medicine.

According to the report, the method used in the procedure is based on “Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption / Ionized Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOFMS)”.

“Sepsis caused by harmful bacteria can be life-threatening unless immediately treated with appropriate antibiotics. Our study shows outstanding performance and early stage in the management of bloodstream infections in children. This procedure is very cost-effective compared to other methodologies used around the world, “said Andrés Pérez, senior microbial doctor who also led the study at Sidra Medicine. -Dr. López says.

The methodology is Release It is published in the major microbiology journal, Microbiology Spectrum. A study of this new methodology was conducted at Sidra Medicine in Doha over a two-year period from June 2018 to May 2020.

Research articles have specified that this type of analysis has been “almost” unstudied.

Other methods, in which direct identification by MALDI-TOF (DIMT) was used in positive blood cultures by the “Sepsityper kit and in-house pellet preparation” method, are increasingly being used to test adults and children (to a degree). It’s low).

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View on this new methodology

Dr. Pérez-López further commented on the bidirectional benefits of the new processing method: “Helps doctors effectively prescribe antibiotics to pediatric patients before standard culture and antibiotic susceptibility test results are available. Also, take more effective antibiotics. It helps the patient recover early. “

Dr. Patrick Tang, Director of Microbiology at Sidra Medicine, said: Rapid identification methods such as MALDI-TOF MS are inexpensive, user-friendly, and easily integrated into standard lab workflows, saving lives quickly. “

Processing innovations have led other Qatar hospitals to implement the methodology. “We hope that the publication of this study will encourage other hospitals to adopt the methodology,” Dr. Tang added.

This new milestone builds on Qatar’s existing impetus to achieve high standards of achievement in Qatar’s research and medical sector.

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