SiFive extends the popular X280 processor IP to meet the accelerating demand for vector processing

SiFive has announced the release of the latest version of the SiFive Intelligence X280 processor. It introduces important new features such as scalability up to a cache coherent complex of up to 16 cores, reliable protection of WorldGuard, and a new interface that enables seamless integration between X280 vector units. Also, a customer-designed external AI accelerator or other coprocessor called VCIX (Vector Coprocessor Interface eXtension).

SiFive is the founder and leader of RISC-V computing. The press release claims that this latest version of the X280 is a powerful solution for anyone looking for an alternative to the legacy SIMD-style architecture.

Launched in April 2021, the SiFive Intelligence X280 is rapidly being adopted as customers are drawn to a unique combination of performance, power efficiency, and an intuitive programming model. According to a press release, the X280 claims double-digit design wins in the last six months alone for a variety of data-driven applications such as AI inference, image processing, data center acceleration, and automotive use cases. ..

Chris Jones, Vice President of Products at SiFive, said the market feedback on the X280 was great. “This product is very well suited to the needs of modern workloads and vector processing, and was introduced at the right time to accelerate RISC-V’s already significant momentum,” said Jones. I am. “The enhancements to the new X280 are a direct result of customer feedback and collaboration, already designed for multiple sockets around the world. In addition, the software ecosystem surrounding RISC-V vector extensions is a leap forward. Growing up, supporting and promoting a wide range of customers. The inevitable widespread adoption of RISC-V in the industry. “

The X280 SiFive Intelligence X280 is a multi-core and multi-cluster capable RISC-V processor with full support for RISC-V vector extension standards and SiFive Intelligence extensions, optimized for edge AI / ML calculations.

The X280 is also ideal for applications that require high throughput single thread performance under power constraints (AR, VR, sensor hubs, IVI systems, IP cameras, digital cameras, game consoles, etc.).

Here are some unique and important new SiFive features:

Multi-cluster: SiFive builds on the X280’s multi-cluster RISC-V solution, providing up to four clusters in a four-core complex and scaling to multi-TOP performance.

VCIX (Vector Coprocessor Interface eXtension): This innovative vector coprocessor accelerator interface enables seamless integration with the customer’s AI architecture, including a wide variety of third-party accelerators, and is easily programmed between the host processor and the customer-owned AI accelerator solution. Allows low-latency data movement.

WorldGuard compatible: SiFive’s implementation of SiFive’s open standard WorldGuard security solution provides a reliable execution environment for core-rich platforms, protects AI / ML algorithms from malicious attacks, and provides an alternative to legacy security solutions.

According to SiFive, these extensions provide unmatched scalability, security, and interoperability for the SiFive X280, a widely adopted implementation of RISC-V Vector extensions. SiFive extends the popular X280 processor IP to meet the accelerating demand for vector processing

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