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Founded in Serbia and based in the United States, HTEC Group, a technology services, consulting and software company, is state-of-the-art, creating up to 1000 jobs in four major cities: Bucharest, Clujunapoka, Timisoara and Yashi. Bring technology and innovation. Opportunity to work on innovative projects with regional and world-leading companies.

Based in Silicon Valley, the company will allow Romanian engineers to create disruptive digital products across industries such as healthcare and medtech, high tech, transportation and smart mobility, retail, fintech and banking. Announced its commitment to provide exciting career opportunities. Media and Entertainment, GreenTech and Energy, LabTech and ScienceTech.

HTEC was founded in Belgrade in September 2008 by a small team and is now headquartered in San Francisco. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands, we are a global company with a development center with over 1600 engineers throughout Southeastern Europe, including Serbia. North Macedonia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Hungary, and now Romania.

Guided by Art of Possible The HTEC team excels in everything from digital product design and development to advanced engineering across domains and technologies such as big data systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence and platform development, robotics, custom devices and IoT. Our motto is to provide engineering. .. The HTEC team is made up of innovation enablers, creatives, thinkers and practitioners whose mission is to help stakeholders define and execute digital transformation strategies in an agile way.

“Romania is an unavoidable point in the expansion of HTEC in Southeast and Central Europe, with a strong IT scene, a competitive environment and talented engineers and designers who are perfectly suited to HTEC’s culture and working style.“” Said David Schoch of the COOHTEC Group.

The dynamic HTEC team is growing rapidly and is constantly looking for talent throughout our global offices and development centers. We hire more than 100 people a month on average. In 2020, HTEC was recognized by LinkedIn as the fastest growing company in SEE. The company actively employs all senior level Romanian professionals, including engineers, developers, project and product managers, designers, domain experts, business and HR consultants. Romanian talent considering joining HTEC is .. Silicon Valley HTEC Group Enters Romania – Romanian Journal

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