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Silverwood may face replacement: Panesar

Former England spinner Monty Panesar believes that Chris Silverwood could be replaced by a coach if he doesn’t make a decision just before his third ash test against Australia starting on Sunday.
England lost overall to Australia in the first two ashtest matches, suffering big losses in Brisbane and Adelaide, and could lose the series at Melbourne Cricket Ground unless things change rapidly. Will be higher.
Captains Joe Root and Silverwood have been scrutinized for team choices, including excluding bowlers James Anderson and Stuart Broad from Brisbane’s opening match.
Former skipper Michael Atherton then chose five seamers and branded the decision to exclude Paceman Mark Wood from the Adelaide test as a “lack of cricket sensation” without the use of spinners.
Panesal said England must make the right team choices in Melbourne.
“This is an important test match for both Joe Root and Chris Silverwood,” said Panesal.
“The performance of the route in the next three test matches is very important. Silverwood himself is responsible for making the decision and states that he will take ownership, so if these decisions are wrong, his The position is under pressure.
“It’s also about the nature of these losses,” said Panesal.
“The test defeats England has suffered in this series so far under Captain Root have been very heavy,” said the former left-handed spinner yesterday. Panesal said the key to Melbourne is not just relying on the route, but running on the board. “They must also make their decisions right in terms of team choice and attitude,” he said in his William Hill blog.
“And the key will be executed. If it is not executed on the board, this test will also be lost.
“They have to ask themselves how to reach 350, 400 and with whom they can reach. There is a lot of responsibility for the route that won more than 30% of England’s runs this year, but he Is a lonely soldier trying to win all these runs for England and needs help. “
Panelsal believes that after four failures, Rory Burns needs to give way and change England’s top order.
“I don’t know if Rory Burns has the technique to adapt to these Australian pitches,” Panesal said.
“Also, Zack Crawley has an aggressive approach and I think it works very well when combined with Haseeb Hameed’s defensive style,” Panesal added.
“These are decisions that must be made, and if Chris Silverwood makes his third mistake, people will wonder if he is the right person to lead England as a head coach. I think, “Panesal said.

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