Simon Cowell shows off three-stone weight loss to look slimmer than ever

Simon Cowell has been spotted looking slimmer than ever as he showed off a three stone weight loss on a night out.

The boss of Britain’s Got Talent smiled for the cameras as he left the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards on Monday night.


Simon looked slimmer than ever when he left London’s HiltonCredit: Getty
Simon was joined by fiancée Lauren Silverman


Simon was joined by fiancée Lauren SilvermanCredit: Getty

Simon, 63, looked classy in an all-black suit, matching a black top and shiny black shoes for an evening at the London Hilton.

He left the venue with his fiancé, Lauren Silverman, to show off his costume-trimmed frame.

Simon walked side by side with Lauren, 45. Lauren looked chic in a burgundy gown, which she paired with a black handbag.

The mother of one, she wore black-framed glasses and an emerald necklace, with tufts of black hair flowing down her back.

Simon Cowell hands over control of wedding to fiancée Lauren
Simon Cowell Says 2020 Horror Cycle Smash Was A Fitness Wake-up Call

Earlier this year, Simon confided: Mitsuishi lost After a horror bike crash, after changing my diet and lifestyle.

A TV judge said he never had a stomach band, but instead overhauled his eating habits by cutting out red meat and gluten.

He told The Sun EXCLUSIVELY: “No, I don’t have a stomach band! No scars?

“I saw a doctor on Harley Street.

“A month later, with results, his words were, ‘You’re on the worst diet of any client I’ve ever seen. You’re on a 1960s schoolboy diet.’ .

“It was just a pie. So he sent me a list of things I shouldn’t eat, which included red meat, dairy, sugar and gluten. mostly stuck with it.

Simon claimed that on the rare occasion he would go out to dinner, he would not eat, instead mocking “baked beans on toast.”

“I’m not a big eater,” he insisted. “I don’t enjoy it very much. I’d rather drink beer than eat any day of the week.

“Sometimes when you go out to dinner, you know you don’t like the food, but you put beans on your toast before you go out and eat nothing.

“When I go to horrible big parties and weddings, the food is so bad that I can’t deal with it.”

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Simon credits the weight loss to the massive success of 2020’s Horror Cycle. A wake-up call to change his life.

he had 6 hours of surgery fell off him after breaking his back Electric bicycle – showed him how “unfit” he was in the accident.

TV judges lost an impressive 3 stones


TV judges lost an impressive 3 stonesCredit: Getty Simon Cowell shows off three-stone weight loss to look slimmer than ever

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