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Romania’s Simtel Team (SMTL) operates rooftop solar power plant solutions and also specializes in telecommunications and EPCM. GenCell Energy, a provider of hydrogen and ammonia-based power solutions, has announced the successful implementation of mobile power solutions. Romanian telecommunications site operated by Vodafone. The solution implemented and provided by GenCell FOX™ is off-grid and splits liquid ammonia to generate energy from hydrogen.

The project will meet stringent zero-emission sustainability goals, provide continuous power 24/7, even in severe weather conditions, and use widely available liquid ammonia fuel to minimize operating costs. designed to hold back.

We understand the severe power challenges facing our mobile network clients. Implementing such a project is a very delicate process, but Simtel’s experience as a telecommunications integrator and turnkey PV installation solution provider allows us to anticipate and mitigate potential risks and carefully consider the implementation phase. , was able to complete this innovative and ambitious project. This is one of the few projects in Romania using hydrogen generators. After continuously testing GenCell’s FOX for over 1,200 hours at various power loads at a live telecom site, the GenCell FOX stand-alone power solution provides a solution to these challenges, keeping remote mobile towers up and running while European regulations regarding the use of fossil fuels are becoming more and more stringent. Following this successful field test, it is expected that Simtel and GenCell will explore further opportunities for joint project deployment.Radu Vilău, co-founder and CTO of Simtel Team, said:

Within the project, the Simtel team acted as the integrator of the solution and was responsible for activities related to approvals, design, civil works, electrical installation, and commissioning and testing with the GenCell Energy team. GenCell FOX is a low-temperature alkaline fuel cell that produces power from liquid ammonia (one of the most efficient and energy-dense carbon-free hydrogen carriers), using only water, nitrogen and heat as by-products.

GenCell sees considerable interest in its solutions across the telecommunications sector, especially in Europe where regulations on carbon emissions are tightening. Alkaline fuel cell technology helps operators implement renewable power solutions directly on their mobile sites, even in remote areas and in the harshest climate conditions.GenCell CEO Rami Reshef said:

The purpose of the field test was to evaluate the performance, resilience, and cost saving potential of an ammonia-based power solution over a six-week timescale. Initial test results indicate that the system performed reliably and provided the required power output throughout the test period. The system operated autonomously with minimal intervention from GenCell personnel. Once the solution has demonstrated its resilience and reliable performance, Vodafone introduces it to various business units. Simtel Team, GenCell Test Green Power Solution for Vodafone Romania – The Romania Journal

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