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Sisi calls Putin for Libya’s “political solution”

Egyptian President Sisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the development of Libya and Moscow’s investment in North Africa.

More than 7,000 Russian Wagner mercenaries are still active in Libya, according to Libyan authorities. (Reuters)

Egyptian President Abdel Fatta El Sisi has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Libya’s developments, a statement from Egypt said.

Cairo and Moscow said on a phone call on Saturday that they had agreed to strengthen bilateral relations and coordination to resolve the Libyan crisis and fight terrorist organizations and armed militias.

Egypt will seek to resolve disputes within Libyan political parties, the statement added.

President Sisi also told his counterpart that Egypt wants to develop relations with Russia in all areas.

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“Libya’s Political Solution”

In another statement released by the Kremlin, the two leaders touched on Libya, saying that “the closeness of Russia’s and Egyptian approaches to Libya’s political solution was noted.” Said..

“The level of bilateral cooperation achieved in various areas, such as the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Eldaba in Egypt and the construction of a Russian industrial zone in the Suez Canal region,” Kremlin said. Gave high marks to. ” ..

It was emphasized that Egypt will send a delegation to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in June 2022 to expand Cairo’s investment and tourism potential.

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Libyan elections

The Election Commission has canceled Wednesday’s election scheduled for December 24, 2021 due to lack of preparation and disagreement.

Voting has been postponed until January, the internationally-supported peace process has been disrupted, and the fate of the interim government remains questionable.

The statement said it was important to maintain momentum and elect a representative and unified government for the goal of conducting “free, fair and credible elections.”

The long-awaited poll was detrimental to show the first step towards political stability in a war-torn country.

Since the 2011 NATO-led intervention overthrew the Mu’ammar Al-Kadafi administration, Libya has been involved in the turmoil and civil war dominated by rebels and foreign fighters.

In March, for the United Nations-backed National Agreement Government (GNA), which was sworn by the interim government and governed Tripoli and the western region, and the eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA), led by General Khalifa Haftar. It took over.

The Libyans were eagerly awaiting elections that could pave the way for a political transition, but various factions and presidential candidates had controversies and disagreements over the mechanics of the election process and the conduct of elections.

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