Six law graduates who cheated on exams withdraw their applications for the bar exam

On Monday (August 15), six intern attorneys who cheated on the 2020 bar exam withdrew their applications to become attorneys. A High Court judge granted permission to withdraw the attorney’s application.

In six papers, including one on ethics and professional responsibility, five out of six people communicated with each other via WhatsApp to share their responses. 6th Ms Kuek, Conspired with another candidate and cheated on three papers. Another test taker received no complaints.

The six, according to CNA reports, are Monisha Devaraj, Kushal Atul Shah, Sriram Ravenderan, Matthew Chow Jun Feng, Lionel Wong Chun Yun and Lin Kuek Yee Tin. was named Mr.

In April of this year, five of the apprentice lawyers were given six months to apply for a lawyer, while Cuke was given one year..

In Singapore, law graduates must pass a series of examinations called Part B for full admission into the legal profession.

Qualified overseas university law graduates must also pass a separate conversion exam called Part A.

Successful applicants must not receive any objection to their application from the Attorney General (AG), the Singapore Institute of Legal Education (SILE) or the Law Society of Singapore (LSS).

At a previous hearing, the AG objected that six applicants were unfit to enter the legal profession because they cheated on Part B of the exam.

Five had to retake six papers, while Kuek had to retake the entire Part B exam.

All six subsequently passed the required exams.

Sreenivasan Narayanan, a lawyer for Devaraj, Shah and Wong, said on Monday that the six-month leave the client was given in April “is not enough to show that the situation is justified.” said he recognized it. The right person has changed.

More time was needed to address other issues raised during the hearing.

Mr Sreenivasan told the court that his clients would “think deeply” about their actions and consult with AG, LSS and SILE before applying to lawyers again.

“There are no half-baked attempts, and the application is made after deep deliberation,” he added.

Lawyers representing other trainees cited similar reasons.

Representatives of AG, LSS and SILE did not object to the legal trainee’s request to withdraw from the legal community.

Judge Chu Han Tek advised the six to receive guidance from someone who could be a paralegal or other similar work and could “demonstrate that they were fit to reapply” to the attorney.

“Each case is different, but[subsequent application to trial]also depends on the mentor’s testimony and subsequent actions.

It’s a matter for you to think for yourself without me telling you what time to do it.” CNA quotes Judge Chu. /TISG

Six law graduates who cheated on Singapore’s bar exam are delayed in joining the legal profession

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