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The Bahamas of Special Olympics, who participated in the Special Olympics USA competition for the first time, won six medals, four gold and two bronze, at a week-long event held on Sunday in Orlando, Florida.

Yesterday, a team of 23 members, 12 from New Providence and 10 from Grand Bahama, returned to a lively reception at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.

The Bahamas picked up four of those six medals on Tuesday – two gold and two bronze. “King” Delon Forbes showed why he was a 400-meter (m) self-proclaimed king in athletics and won a gold medal at the event after reaching the final in the fourth fastest time from qualifying.

Forbes returned to the men’s 200m on Friday and settled in fifth place after reaching the finals in the third fastest time from qualifying.

Also on Tuesday, Stephen “Gorius” Russell from Freeport, Grand Bahama, won the gold medal in Bocce’s Men’s Singles. He won both men’s singles matches in qualifying on Monday and returned to win the gold medal match on Tuesday. Russell then teamed up with Vashni “Metro” Thompson to win a gold medal in the Bocchi Doubles category later in the week. They defeated Aruba 10-3 in a gold medal match.

Russell and Thompson were great and finished undefeated in the Bocchi Doubles match. In the qualifying round, they turned Aruba back with a score of 10-1 and then defeated Delaware with the same score of 10-1.

Thompson won the bronze medal in Bocce’s Women’s Singles on Tuesday. In qualifying, she lost her first match and won her second match.

In the bowling singles on Tuesday, Bronson “B-Man” Alanha won the bronze medal in the Bahamas and entered the M12 category. In the M5 category, Austin’s “Mr. Big Staff” Green had to settle in 4th place, missing a bronze medal with a 7-pin. In the qualifying round, Green averaged 125 and Alanha averaged 122. The duo finished in 7th place in bowling doubles.

In football, the Bahamas ended with a 2-2 win-loss record. Most importantly, I won the gold medal in the Friday category. The Bahamas defeated the Ohio Special Olympics on Friday with a gold medal 4-3. The team lost to Florida Special Olympics 3-2 on Tuesday, lost to Michigan Special Olympics 3-1 on Wednesday, and defeated Colorado Special Olympics 2-1 on Thursday to win their first match. I did. Then they came back and won the gold medal on Friday.

“Our athletes continue to shine and we are very proud of them,” said the Bahamas Gilbert Williams National Director of the Special Olympics, who traveled with the team. The Bahamas will be competing in the Special Olympics USA for the first time and will be competing in the Special Olympics World Championships in Berlin, Germany next year.

“We have won nine medals and six medals, and we are proud of all the athletes,” says Williams.

“Stephen’Gorius’ Russell said his goal to attend this event was to get the money, which was exactly what he did and erased everyone on his way. In one of his games, he won 12-0 and then won the gold medal. The 400-meter self-proclaimed king Delon Forbes came out there to show him what he could do. He was able to talk, and he certainly knows how to back it up. He went out there and also earned money.

“Forbes continued to be impressed at 200 meters, and Bocchi doubled Steven Russell and Vashni Thompson’s team, but they couldn’t stop. They ran around the competition on the first day and then went out there. The dynamic duo was undefeated in the tournament’s double spray. The football team bounced off the rough start and won the gold medal in the division. Bronson’B Man’Alanha was there. Going out and winning the Bahama bronze medal in the bowling singles, Russell did the same in the bocce singles.

“There were also some tight finishes. Austin’Mr. Big Stuff Green settled in 4th place in the bowling singles, Forbes came in 5th place in the 200m athletics, and the men’s doubles team in Austin Lean and Bronson Alanha bowled. Finished in 7th place in the category.

“The team’s performance was very good, and outside of the performance, the athletes enjoyed it enough. For many of them, this was their first trip to the United States, and for some of them, this was theirs. It was Disney for the first time, and for some of them, this was their first international competition. That said, it was a great competition, a great time, and a great celebration. Thanks to all the support we have received, and with continued support, our athletes will continue to shine and be proud of the Bahamas. “

The Bahamas competed in four sports areas: athletics, bocce, bowling and soccer at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games.

More than 3,800 athletes from the United States (USA), Canada and the Caribbean have competed in a total of 19 sports disciplines. This was the first time a country other than the United States had participated in the Special Olympics USA game. The event was hosted by Walt Disney World, and all athletes and coaches had the opportunity to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom and other theme parks.

Most of the competition took place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Six Special Olympic Bahamas Medals – Nassau Guardian

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