Skyros, Thasos, and Crete were hit by heavy rain (Picts)

Heavy rains have hit several areas from north to south of Greece, flooding streets, homes and businesses and destroying infrastructure. Not only Sporades but also Thasos was badly damaged by the storm, but Crete was attacked as well.

When a summer storm struck the island, two bridges collapsed, streets turned into rivers, and tourists were trapped on the beach. Skyros It was poured for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Local governments are talking about the “dramatic situation” of the island.

“The situation here is tragic. There is a lot of rainfall, there are serious problems with the road network, two beaches have been completely destroyed, people have been trapped on the beaches of Pefkos and managed to be released three hours later. rice field.” SkyrosSaid Nikolaos Mabrikios

“The rain is terrible and hasn’t stopped at all since 2 pm,” the mayor emphasized that traffic has stopped on some roads.


In the announcement, the mayor Reportedly We urged locals and tourists to refrain from unnecessary movements and beach trips during weather events.

The heavy rain that falls from Friday night to Saturday at 7 pm is also on the neighboring island Skopelos In Sporades, most of the country roads were destroyed.

According to the deputy mayor Aristidis Vurgaris Rural and forest roads throughout the island were destroyed, and water dropped rubble on the roads of the village of Skopelos.

Skiathos is no exception to the bad weather, and it rained from Friday to the end of Saturday. However, authorities say the situation was in control.

Video: Skiatos

Torrential rain also hit the island Thasos In the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea, homes, businesses, tourist facilities and hotels were flooded and cars were washed away.

In Limenaria and Potou, locals struggled all night to save their property and property, Local media report.

As the bad weather front moved south, heavy rains struck Rethymno and Heraklion. Criti.

In Rethymno, there was a power outage that didn’t last long, but the local media Rethimno report.

Merchants rushed around the flooded streets to collect their products before being washed away from the rushing water.

According to the meteorologist who had Warning about bad weather frontsThe phenomenon is moving east on Saturday night and is expected to diminish by Sunday morning.

PS It has been raining in South Athens since 8 o’clock in the evening 🙁 Skyros, Thasos, and Crete were hit by heavy rain (Picts)

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