Slippery fun – wrestlers compete in gravy

Instead of eating gravy at a roast dinner, men and women in British pubs wrestled with sauce over the holiday weekend.

Now in its twelfth year, dozens of entrants took part in the World Gravy Wrestling Championships at the Rosen Bowl Pub in Lancashire on Monday (29th August).

Before a messy event in which participants threw each other for two minutes at a time, defending champion Joel Hicks said all it takes to be champion is “doing it.”

“You can get messy, muddy, stink, get in your eyes, grab your opponent and just do your best,” he said.

As well as wrestling ability, judges award points for fancy dress, comedic effect, and entertainment.

Before winning the women’s title, Imogen Young said the most important attribute needed to win was ‘confidence’.

“Confidence, you need it. It doesn’t matter how strong you are…it’s pure confidence,” she said before the competition.

Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch the wrestlers go for it in a pool of cold vegan gravy.

This silly event that started in a pub parking lot was originally a one-off to raise awareness for a local food festival. More than ten years have passed since then, and the championship was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Lloyd Clarkson, who played the fictional character Ali G at the event, won the men’s title and said he felt “amazing” afterwards.

About 2,500 liters of gravy will be produced for the championship, which will be funded by the East Lancashire Hospice.

(Reuters) Slippery fun – wrestlers compete in gravy

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