Slovak Air Defense System Registered Russian Bombing

The latest attack near 100km from the Slovak border.

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The Slovak air defense system has registered an attack in western Ukraine.

A Russian missile attacked the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine on May 3, about 100 kilometers from the Slovak border. Defense Minister Yaroslav Nae (OĽaNO) admitted that the close proximity of the attacks made him uneasy.

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“The attack was intended to destroy the railway station,” Naď said, as quoted by NASR Newswire. “We must warn people to reconsider, especially to and from Ukraine by train.”

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The Ministry of Home Affairs held an emergency meeting on behalf of Minister Roman Mikulec (OĽaNO). The government says the situation is controlled and there is no need to panic. Nevertheless, Slovakia needs to have a detailed response plan in case of such a situation.

Naď warned the Russian Ministry of Defense about the consequences of a cross-border attack on Ukraine and the overlap of destruction on Slovak territory. Attacks on one member state are considered to be attacks on all member states of the alliance, so repeated similar mistakes in such unplanned attacks with duplication could trigger NATO Article 5. I have.

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