Slovak coach unites with his Ukrainian team

9.2 June 12, 02:05 Me Premium content

Slovak coach Biathlon has returned to Ukraine after waiting a few weeks. We hope that sports will help further boost Ukraine’s morale.

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Slovak Biathlon Coach, Juraj Sanitra, Joined the Ukrainian team for the first time after the war He started the Olympic Games in Beijing and followed. His decision to return to Ukraine is very unique.

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Sanitra, who has been coaching the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team since 2016, believes that sports can help boost Ukraine’s morale. “Ukraine must show how strong it is, both outside and outside the army. It has always been possible with international issues, and biathlon has always been a sport that has brought Ukraine into the limelight,” he said. I told the Sportnet website.

Some athletes on his team are currently in the army.

Sanitra is well known in the world of biathlon. Russian-born biathlete and former Olympic athlete Anastasiya Kuzmina, who is competing for Slovakia, won two gold medals and one silver medal at the Olympics.

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