Slovak cosmetics company tops domestic sales of shampoos

DiXi Shampoo is produced in Eastern Slovakia.

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Slovak brand DiXi, which produces the best-selling shampoo in Slovakia, currently holds the top position in sales volume.

DiXi overtook foreign brands for the first time to become the best-selling shampoo brand in Slovakia.

DiXi shampoo, produced by a family in the Spis region, has also surpassed Head & Shoulders, Schauma and Elsève brands, long-time top shampoo sellers in the Slovak market, and is expected to be the first Nielsen Admosphere research firm to do so in the second half of 2021. half of 2022 offered by Dennik N Daily.

nettle shampoo

Founded in 1991 by Ivan Milý in Smižany, the Slovak manufacturer Herba Drug employs more than 100 people in the region close to the Tatra Mountains.

DiXi’s Nettle Shampoo has been the best-selling shampoo in Slovakia for years and DiXi’s Birch Shampoo is the second best-selling shampoo. In addition, nettle shampoo already leads sales in the Czech Republic.

The company lags behind other cosmetics brands such as Barbus, Carpathia Herbarium and Umy.

A customer in Slovakia purchased 575,000 liters of shampoo during the aforementioned period. Slovak cosmetics company tops domestic sales of shampoos

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